The Lazy Girl's Guide To Detoxing From The Holidays

holiday detox healthy skinThis time of year, the chances are high that your body has had some sort of sugar and carb overhaul from your holiday tradition of choice. It's hard to pick just one poison - that third slice of pie? Or piece of candy? Or how about that cup of nog? It's all the same to your body, and your hormones, sleep, energy levels, and habits are likely to be all kerfuffled. Whether it's post-turkey, tofurkey, holiday ham, or roast beast, it's probably time to take things down a notch and get back to your healthy roots. Here are the best ways to detox after too much indulgence this holiday season without breaking a sweat.


Drink up!

Go buy one of those gallon-sized glass jugs of water, and drink the whole thing, every day. Water is how your body filters itself, and you can't move anything through if you're dried up from those dehydrating libations. Wanna move things through even faster? Add juice from half of a lemon and drink a big glass first thing in the morning. It will give your liver a jump start and help get rid of pesky toxins.


Take a walk.

Jump start your metabolism, even if it's as simple as a quick walk around the block. Getting a little bit of exercise pumps your digestion so that you can get that junk out of your system more quickly. If you're reeeeeeally not feeling up to some physical activity, there are exercises you can do from the comfort of your own bed (so you can burn calories while watching Netflix). Yes, we're serious


Take a deep breath...

Duh, breathing is good for you. But your lymphatic system, which is responsible for flushing out toxins and carrying waste from your immune system, relies heavily on oxygen, as it doesn't have its own built-in pump. Set aside some time on your way to work, or even AT work, to take 10 deep breaths (5 second inhale, hold 5 seconds, 5 second exhale).


Give your liver some R&R.

Take care of your liver, lovelies - you only get one. Even with its regenerative properties, it won't function as well if you don't treat it well. There are tons of ways to do this: milk thistle is very popular for liver support (often taken by those suffering from liver disease), dandelion root tea is a totally nasty but healthy option, and that famous cure-all, turmeric, will knock any inflammation down a huge notch.


Vamp up your skincare routine.

Have you been using an old bottle of product from three years ago? It's not doing your skin any favors, beauties. What we put on our skin ultimately ends up in our bodies, so put something yummy and fresh on that your body will gain more nutrients from. Do your best to pick natural products for sensitive skin, as there will be less chance of having a negative reaction to unknown ingredients.


Don't hate us - but stop eating sugar.

If you're gonna cut out anything, cut out the white powder. Yes, we mean sugar. The good news is that for lazy folks, literally all you have to do is NOT eat it. Other than those feel-good hormones and that small time frame of extra energy, there really isn't a ton of health benefit to eating anything with added sugar. Not gonna lie: detoxing from sugar is NOT going to help with your mood or cravings for at least a few days, depending on how much you eat on a regular basis. But once you make it through, virtually every aspect of your health improves, from mood swings to acne to energy levels to memory (and let's not forget about those pests, heart disease and diabetes). You got this!


Get your REM.

Last but not least (and by far the best option for us lazy folks) - take a big nap. Or, better yet, go to bed earlier so you can get more shut eye. Sleep is how the body repairs itself, and there's nothing like a full 8 hours to really give yourself the chance to fully heal from the holiday damage.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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