These Soaks and Scrubs Will Transform Your Tub Into a Five-Star Spa


Ever wished for the pampering and serenity of spa-like indulgence, but budget and schedule conflicts tag-teamed you into submission? Until that elusive duo realigns, treat yourself at home! These soaks and scrubs will transform your tub into a five-star spa by kicking your bathing routine up a notch, helping you to gracefully dismount the bucking bronco that was a too-long day (week, month, whatever) and saddle up for the next phase with some semblance of zen still intact.


Purring Buddha Bath Bombs

Arriving to Got Beauty just in time for this year's Galentine's Day celebration from a local Utah artisan, Purring Buddha's luxuriant bath bombs will kiss goodbye the day's stressors with their unique, alluring scents and fun shapes! Not only that, they're made with organic ingredients and biodegradable glitter so you can drain the tub without fear for your ecological footprint.



Lollia Bubble Bath & Salt Sachets

The utterly intoxicating aromas of Lollia's sumptuous salt sachets and bubbling bath elixirs will transport you to the outermost edges of relaxation beginning with their inspired packaging and extending into the lasting fragrance they add to your space.


Bliss Soapy Suds

Bliss carries a wide range of spa essentials and body betterment accoutrements, not the least mouthwatering of which are their Soapy Suds, in aromatic combinations like zesty Lemon + Sage and sweet Vanilla + Bergamot to please the senses.


Hydra Refresh Bathtub Tea

Grapefruit and lavender scented, Hydra's cleverly-packaged tea bag for bath is an all-natural remedy that will let you steep in clarity to your heart's content. When you're done with the tea bag, add the contents to your garden as compost!


Rinse Bath & Body Co. Aller-Ease Shower Bomb

No time to marinate? No problem! Keep your cleanse vertical and still reap the benefits of an aromatherapeutic bathing experience with Rinse Bath & Body Co.'s Aller-Ease Shower Bomb, particularly if it's allergy season. Simply sprinkle a few droplets of shower water onto your Aller-Ease and let the steam from your shower do the rest!




Revival Coffee & Rose Hip Natural Body Scrub

Meditative and mindful, Revival's organic and Fair Trade combination of coffee grounds, brown sugar and sea salt, olive, rose hip essential and virgin coconut oils works to stimulate blood flow, intensively hydrate, and nourish problem areas of skin for a silky-soft head-to-toe result. 

Bliss Body Scrubs

Add a little grit to your Blissful dip with a preliminary circulation-promoting massage! Just five minutes will slough off dead skin cells and promote a more soft, supple skinfeel post-spa. 

Hempz Herbal Sugar Body Scrubs

With the ingenious addition of pure, 100% natural, nutrient-packed hemp seed oil, Hempz lends result-bearing unconventionality to your homegrown spa sesh.

 Did we miss something? Find your bath essential here!

Posted by Katy Kirkpatrick



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