This Anti-Aging Oil Changed Our Skin and Lives Forever

eminence rosehip oil

For those of us touched by its glory, we can categorize our life into two separate parts: life before and life with the Eminence Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil. Seriously, it's that revolutionary. Long have we been on the path for the perfect product to provide aging prevention, hydration and that goddess glow within - only to encounter obstacle after obstacle as our skin takes the hit. Ain't nobody got time for that. The day we slathered this soothing treatment on our face was the day we regained faith in our natural beauty and left everything else behind scattered to the wind. In short, this anti-aging oil changed our lives and our skin for's why.


It creates firm and smooth skin almost instantly.

What we found most baffling was how flawless our skin appeared to become overnight by a single application. The Rosemary Leaf Extract conditions and smooths the skin (cause you can't have glowy skin without hydration) while Milk Thistle helps to retain the moisture. After a week of usage, no took 5-10 years off our faces.


It actually prevents aging.

The number one thing our skin is usually missing from our skincare routine is nutrients. By nourishing with an oil packed with essential vitamins, you're giving it the tools it needs to replenish skin cells and ultimately protect itself from environmental stressors that cause premature aging.


It's safe for sensitive skin.

One of the biggest complaints we hear about anti-aging products is that they can be harsh for people with sensitive skin or even cause breakouts. We can safely say that we've heard zero of these complaints after usage of the Rosehip oil.


It's hydrating without feeling greasy.

Applying oil on your face when you've got naturally oily skin can feel majorly counterintuitive, but hear this: it may be that your skin is over-producing oil in an attempt to give it the hydration it needs. However, that doesn't mean that some oils aren't going to make you feel like there's residue leftover - this isn't one of them.


It brightens the skin while reducing sun spots.

The oil has 3 sources of Vitamin C, which is known to create bright and youthful looking skin. Its antioxidant properties are one of the major components in collagen synthesis and is actually known to prevent and treat UV-induced damage.


It's anti-inflammatory and even helps with rosacea.

Vitamin E contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties (which is why Fish Oil is super helpful in this arena - it has one of the highest concentrations), which is a large part of what exacerbates the effects of rosacea. The Rosehip oil aids in reducing redness and lessening puffiness, making the skin look healthier and softer.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

Project Manager and Editor for the best little beauty business in town.



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