Stop Guessing - Here's What Type of Curly Hair You Have

Yes, curls are nothing new. In fact, taming the curl has been an ancient struggle since the dawn of hair care. Identifying the type of curl bestowed on your crown? Now that's a different story. The geniuses behind Bumble & bumble are not blind to this struggle, and have spent years working to create an innovative set of products that are sure to turn heads and make styling a breeze for any type of curl. Even if you're barely surfing waves, you're going to LOVE this line, especially due to the care they give to help you figure out which products your specific hair type needs. Read on to find out what type of curls you're rocking, and exactly how to make them as glam as possible. 

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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Oil For Health and Beauty

By this time, I'm sure you've been hearing these three letters buzzing around your social media feed. What's the deal with hemp and CBD, anyway? What is it? What does it do? THC is illegal (in some places) and CBD is legal, so what's the difference? I am fascinated by holistic and naturally sustainable beauty alternatives, so of course I had to dive in and do some research. If you're curious about this new game-changing super oil then stay tuned, because according to what I learned, it's more than a passing beauty/health trend.

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6 Things you should know before you color your hair

Whether you're a seasoned colorista, or taking the color plunge for the first time, research is always important when thinking about changing your hair (so reading this blog is a step in the right direction). Here are some uber-important points to consider before you hit the salon (or the bathroom sink if you're a DIY diva).

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Why you should let your stylist pick your next hair color

We've all seen those Pinterest perfect hairstyles with flawless color and trendiest cut. But when it comes to hair, the trends are most definitely not one-size-fits-all. A good hairstylist will be able to point you in the right direction if you're looking to try a new style or color, and give you honest advice on what will suit your look and lifestyle the best. It's great to have an end result in mind, but allow your stylist to offer advice and even take the reins on some styling decisions. Trust them, they are professionals and want you walking out of the salon looking FABULOUS!

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I Tried: Sugarbear Hair Vitamins & Olaplex


About two years ago, I decided to take the dive and do an icy silver pixie cut. I loved it, truly. But I am constantly trying to change up my style, and unfortunately with hair, its not so easy to bounce back and forth from 12 inches of long locks, to 2" messy spikes and a completely shaved undercut. (unless you've got some extra cash flow for hair extensions). With my recent move to Salt Lake City 6 months ago, I decided it was time to finally commit to growing my hair back. I would endure the awkward mullet, the baby 1" point tail, half of my head being uneven due to the undercut, the whole journey of growing a pixie, in my opinion, was NOT glamorous. Not to mention the breakage I had from damage that was preventing strength in my hair follicles. Cue my saviors: Sugarbear Hair Vitamins and Olaplex.

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Squeaky clean products that will change your beauty routine for good.


 OK, We all know New Years resolutions are lame. Clichés of weight-loss, keeping our rooms clean, and hitting the gym slowly diminish as the month drip past January. Instead of condemning my changes to failure by calling them resolutions, I have been taking careful steps the past 5 months toward a cleaner lifestyle. One of the biggest lifestyle changes for me was adopting a vegan diet, and remaining conscious of the things I am putting in my body everyday. Then it occurred to me that this clean lifestyle could apply to more than what goes in my body, but also the products I use outside of my body as well.

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Why you should add Apple Cider Vinegar to your beauty routine


It's 2018, and amongst endless preventative health trends, beauty hacks, and trade secrets, there is still one classic, affordable solution to many beauty and health ailments that can be found in your pantry at home: Apple Cider Vinegar. It might sound like an old wive's tale, but its true, apple cider vinegar is a miracle in a bottle thats got health and beauty communities raving. ACV can boost your metabolism, clear up acne, lower blood sugar levels, and even clean your hair! Allow us to show you a few examples as to you why you've got to add Apple Cider Vinegar to your daily routine!

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The Best Dry Shampoos You Need in your Bag This Summer


In early television, (think I love Lucy era) "I have to wash my hair" was the trope many women in the mid century used to get out of activities or commitments they weren't particularly interested in. Now with dry shampoo, this excuse is so yesterday...or yester-year! Dry shampoo has tons of benefits, even if ditching unwanted obligations isn't necessarily one of them!

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20 Beach Essentials You Don't Want To Be Without


We know many of you are gearing up for your well deserved beach vacation. But just because you're on vacation, doesn't mean your beauty routine should be! We've come up with some of our favorite vacation beauty essentials you won't want to forget!  (trust us, these aren't your typical hotel complimentary toiletries).
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How To Use A Round Brush When Blow Drying Your Hair


Confession time: I’ve gotten my hair in a tangled mess with a round brush more often than I’ve been able to actually use it properly. The good news for me is that I’m not the first to encounter this problem…the bad news is that I’m not the first to encounter this problem. There’s a method to the madness that doesn’t involve cutting a round brush out of your hair, and it is actually a pretty great one that leads to full, voluminous hair. Straight from the experts, here’s how to use a round brush when blow drying you’re hair - the RIGHT way. 

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