How To Feel Sexy As a Busy Mom

There's nothing quite as beautiful as a woman who feels beautiful in her own skin - and nobody knows this more than the astounding Rhiannon Lawrence, resident life coach and proponent of self love. Rhi is no stranger to feeling discomfort in her own skin and trying to navigate the waters of obligation to family life while finding time for herself. If we may say so, she's totally rocking it and is setting a stellar example for women everywhere. We asked if she'd share a few of her experiences and secrets on how to feel sexy as a busy mom, so we can share with you how to find your own inner bliss.

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Want ALL Your Beauty Questions Answered? Meet The Got Beauty Pros

Let's face it - no human on earth is exempt from obstacles and woes in their beauty routine. It's easy to assume one might have it easier than another, but in reality, a different body just means a different way of having to do things. For some, it might be a constant struggle to manage their wild curls. For others, it may be learning how to protect their overly sensitive skin. In a world with as many unique worries as there are, seeking help for your own can be incredibly daunting. Luckily for you, there happen to be an extraordinary group of ladies with the answers you've been looking for - the Got Beauty Pros!

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Introducing "I Am Beauty": A Campaign Celebrating Individual Beauty

We are looking for faces for our 'I Am Beauty" campaign! 
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Here's All The Microblading Information You'll Ever Need

This week on Talk Beauty, our Master Esthetician extraordinaire Michelle is here to dish out all the details on the best and boldest in brow technology - and yes, we’re talking about Microblading. If you’ve been entertaining the idea of trying out this service, we highly recommend taking a few minutes to read what this brow guru has to say - we have a feeling you’ll be seriously impressed.

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And Our 2016 'Mom'Shell Is...

It’s time to announce the 2016 recipient of the ‘Mom’Shell $500 Giveaway!

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13 Life Coach Certified Happiness Hacks

This week on Talk Beauty, we highlight local SLC life coach extraordinaire and founder of The Lies I Tell Myself Project, Victoria Wynn, to find out how she discovered her most honest and real version of beauty - and how it turned her world upside down in the best way possible.

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3 Products You Need For Treating Acne In The Winter


This week on Talk Beauty, Got Beauty Brand Ambassador and SLC Sweetheart Deena Marie talks about dealing with dry winter skin, and how her recent facial turned it all around.

When winter rolls around each year, I find myself dreading what it’s going to mean for my skin. Utah weather is rough, and I know I’m going to have to work extra hard to fight against the dryness. To make it a little more bearable, I recently went into Got Beauty for a little pampering and had a European facial with Michelle. I’m in the midst of planning for the arrival of my first baby, and I was reminded how important self-care is! It’s easy to forget about myself in the shuffle of preparation for him. Michelle was fantastic. Not only was the experience luxurious, but we talked skincare as well. She had some great advice for some of the small breakouts I was experiencing, and performed extractions, clearing up nearly half of my breakouts.
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The Game Changing BB Cream For Acne Prone Skin

This week on Talk Beauty, Got Beauty Brand Ambassador and SLC Sweetheart Deena Marie shares her experience on her battle with acne - and how she's currently nipping it in the bud.

My journey to clear skin has been long and complicated. I never broke out as a teenager - so imagine my surprise when my skin started to freak out in my early twenties.

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6 Tips For Surviving The Holidays Like A Superhero

This week on Talk Beauty, we highlight SLC local life coach extraordinaire and founder of The Lies I Tell Myself Project, Victoria Wynn, and discuss her top notch methods for getting through the holidays in one piece (and even with a few laughs).

As a mother of 5 and the heartbeat behind a growing business, I can honestly say, I have been the poster child for "how to stress out and forget the meaning of the holidays in 20 seconds flat". Back when I thought I needed to make everything from scratch, give each neighbor cookies, every kid's teacher a gift and at least one Kardashian-esque event at my home. Those days are long gone and my children, friends and I are more connected than ever. I've figured out a few things in the school of life including a steady practice of eliminating drama. I thought I'd share a few of my secrets to a peaceful (and fun) holiday season:
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The Two Minute Fresh Face Makeover

You already know that barely-there makeup is all the rage this year. You already know that there's a fine line between looking made up and looking like you woke up on the right side of the bed. But are you familiar with how to get the barely there look? Have no fear, beauties - this barely there makeup vid paired with the NEW Fresh Face Beauty Box from POPS Cosmetics will cut your work and worry in half. Cute and classy, soft and subtle, pretty and perfect. Done, done and done.

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