Hacks For Thicker Brows (So You Can Be Your Fiercest Self)


There's not much else that makes us feel instantly more bold than a fierce set of brows. Not only does it up your eye game, but it can be a whole fashion statement unto itself. On those occasions when we've perhaps over-plucked, or for those of us who are less endowed in the brow department, a decent kit could be a game changer in your daily routine. That being said, here are our top hacks for thicker brows so you can get a little confidence boost in your day (and be your fiercest self).
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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Lash Lift

Achieving great lashes is a three part system: length, fullness, and lift. Let’s say you’re good to go on the first two and are in need of a little pick-me-up (literally!). For many of us, our lashes tend to droop on one side or grow in a particular way that we’re not a huge fan of. Eyelash extensions can be expensive, and regular lash curlers can be tedious and not particularly effective after a few hours. In case you’ve been on the lookout for an easier, more affordable solution to drooping lashes, here’s everything you need to know about getting a lash lift (and why you’re about to become as obsessed as we are).

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How To Get Permanent Cosmetics Removed (Including Bad Microblading)

With more and more microblading availability on the rise comes the dark side of permanent cosmetics - microblading gone wrong. Just like a tattoo, mis-shaped or low quality microblading can leave a person feeling intensely regretful and often times embarrassed. Laser treatment removal can be a terrifying option for someone who wants their eyebrows amended for the sole reason that it can burn off the remaining eyebrows you were trying to fill in the first place. Leave it to the revolutionaries of the microblading industry - PhiBrow - to come up with an equally revolutionary removal process that leaves you looking and feeling satisfied and comfortable with your permanent cosmetics. Straight from our very own Microblading and PhiRemoval specialist, Michelle Kobernik, here's how to get permanent cosmetics removed when you've had bad microblading (yes, even it's really bad).

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Here's The Best Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes (Of Every Shade)

Over half of the world’s population is sporting brown eyes…and we consider these to be the lucky ones. The reason, you ask? The plain jane truth of it is that brown eyes simply have some of the most fun and versatile options when it comes to selecting which eye shadow to use - they seem to look good with everything. There are a few select colors, however, that seem to make brown eyes really pop - and we’re guessing you want to know what those are. Because one should always consider adding more color to one’s life, here is our selection of very best eye shadow for brown eyes.

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What Is The ACTUAL Correct Order To Apply Makeup?

There are many areas of life where "less is more"...and generally speaking, makeup isn't one of them. Every little facet of our routine requires a special technique to help achieve that flawless look we all seek. What does this add up to? A very full bag of makeup products with no indication of which order to use them in.

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Want ALL Your Beauty Questions Answered? Meet The Got Beauty Pros

Let's face it - no human on earth is exempt from obstacles and woes in their beauty routine. It's easy to assume one might have it easier than another, but in reality, a different body just means a different way of having to do things. For some, it might be a constant struggle to manage their wild curls. For others, it may be learning how to protect their overly sensitive skin. In a world with as many unique worries as there are, seeking help for your own can be incredibly daunting. Luckily for you, there happen to be an extraordinary group of ladies with the answers you've been looking for - the Got Beauty Pros!

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How To Properly Wash Your Face After Wearing Heavy Makeup

Dressing up for Halloween is by far one of the most fun and festive traditions to take part in every year. There's not much of a downside to getting completely decked out...that is, until you fast forward to the end of the night when you’re left with the remnants of what was once a pristinely applied face of makeup. In fact, odds are most of us are starting to resemble The Dark Knight version of the Joker (we miss you, Heath). Trust us, the last thing you wanna do is sleep with heavy makeup on your face - that's just asking for a breakout. Here's how to properly wash your face after a night on the town with your Halloween witchies and ghoulies so you aren't faced with a load of dread in the morning.

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How To Nail Harley Quinn Make Up For Halloween

Let's be honest: Halloween is arguably the best holiday in existence. It allows fully-grown adults to channel their inner five-year-old and dress up to their heart's content completely free of judgment. This year's costume that all breeds of nerds and babes alike are itching to try is none other than Harley Quinn (and who can blame them? Margot Robbie's a certified hottie). For those of you looking to be a little wild this year, here's how to nail Harley Quinn make up - and probably with items you already have at home.

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How To Pencil In Your Brows In 5 Easy Steps

Bold brows are a bit of an enigma. They can either make a look - or if done incorrectly, break a look. Luckily, for those who want to learn how to pencil in your brows, the tricks are easy peasy once you've learned the ropes. Time to hone your skills and add your furry babies to the list of things that make you the beautiful, bold self that you are.

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The 10 Most Committed Makeup Crimes (As Picked By Real MUAs)

Let's be real for a minute - everyone makes cosmetic mistakes. Out of sheer convenience, a rush, a lack of resources or a lack of a pair of fresh eyes, we all fall prey to the faux pas that accompany a makeup kit. Because we like you and want you to be happy, we've decided to spill the top 10 most committed makeup crimes that our MUAs see on a daily basis. We pinky promise you and your face are going to thank us in the long run.

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