A Few Things You Should Know About a Brazilian Wax
















What Makes Our Brazilian Wax the Best. By Tammy T.

Allow us for a minute to wax on a bit about Brazilian waxing...

I've heard it said that waxing only requires three things: (a trained esthetitican, wax and cloth). Au contraire, my pretties. Before you book an appointment, it's important to understand a few Brazilian basics and the underlying differences between what I like to call a 'drive through service' and a job better-than-well-done.

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11 Beauty Secrets from the Pros

Wouldn't it be great to wake up in the morning to your own personal beauty expert who could tell you just what to do with that crazy frizz or wayward breakout? Well, here's the next best thing with 7 unexpected beauty secrets from our experts at Got Beauty.


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