21 Gifts To Cover Your Entire Holiday Shopping List

It's officially the right time to take care of your holiday shopping. No jabs or jeers from your peers about early birding, and no acute stress from day-before scrambling. Whether you're in store at our Sugar House boutique or browsing the scourges of the interwebs for something a little fresh, we've got you covered. Take a peek at our top gifts for 2018.
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No Tricks - Ways To Treat Yourself This Halloween

As we get older, the appeal of a giant bag of trick or treat candy starts to lose its appeal (especially if you are like me and too much sugar makes your skin hate you). Instead of wearing a stinky latex monster mask, I'd rather opt for a pore refining charcoal mask. It just so happens, your favorite Sugarhouse day spa has a remedy for those who feel they are outgrowing Halloween: Trick Or Treat Yourself! Yes, friends - cozy up on this fall eve with your favorite scents and pamper yourself with some of our favorite luxury items. Put your mask on, kick up your feet, and turn on the bath water - we promise you'll feel like a kid on Halloween, with all the treats and no tricks.

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The Basic (Got Beauty) Girl's Guide to All Things Autumn

An anthropological phenomenon of the 21st century, we really have no idea how or where this originated from, but I've found myself dawning this look frequently in the fall months because, hey, "The Basic" look is COMFY! Who doesn't love the smell of pumpkin spice on a crisp autumn morning and a big cozy sweater paired with cute boots? Every fall without fail, the iconic 'lewk' resurfaces, it's clear that the "basic" isn't going anywhere. With this notion, I exclaim: If you can't beat em' join em'. This is your basic girl's guide to all things autumn, keeping you cozy and cute during your favorite season!

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The Best Mother's Day Gifts your Momshell will LOVE!

My name is Liz and I am overjoyed to call myself a new addition to the Got Beauty Family! In December 2017, I sold almost all of my things, packed up my little green hatchback and drove across from country from Pennsylvania to make a new life for myself here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Just barely 6 months ago, I distinctly remember holding my mom at the gas station at 7 o'clock in the morning the day of my departure (a 27 hour long drive) while we both sobbed uncontrollably. While I was both terrified and excited to embark on what would prove to be the greatest adventure of my life to date, leaving my mom and my younger brother was the most arduous part of the journey. I am writing this today with a smile on the face and warmth in my heart because there is no way I would have been able to make this journey without the strength and tenacity my mother instilled in me. While my mom is not in the same state as me, I look in the mirror everyday and I see her. For that, I am endlessly grateful. For that, I write this blog. For that, I live every day to be the strong, independent, upstanding woman she raised me to be. Thank you Kathy.

A mother’s love is a timeless gift that keeps giving for a lifetime and beyond.  So if you’re like me, choosing a Mother’s Day gift can be stressful. It is not just another gift-giving holiday, after all.  It is the most important holiday, and it stresses me out because the truth is - there is nothing that we can buy for our moms that could ever amount to the love these ladies have showered upon us throughout our lifetime. The greatest gift we can give our Mothers is to live as strong, upstanding women and men, and to carry on the legacy they have instilled in us.

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These Soaks and Scrubs Will Transform Your Tub Into a Five-Star Spa

Ever wished for the pampering and serenity of spa-like indulgence, but budget and schedule conflicts tag-teamed you into submission? Until that elusive duo realigns, treat yourself at home! These soaks and scrubs will transform your tub into a five-star spa by kicking your bathing routine up a notch, helping you to gracefully dismount the bucking bronco that was a too-long day (week, month, whatever) and saddle up for the next phase with some semblance of zen still intact.

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Feel the Love With These 8 Great Galentine Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again, gals. No, we're not talking about tax season! Valentine's Day is fast upon us, and rather than waiting for a shot to the heart by some too-late, cherubic archer, why not take bow and arrow into your own hands by treating your gal pals to an amorous return with zero deductions? Feel the love with these 8 great Galentine gift ideas that are sure to get you a seat at the table as both girlfie and gifter du jour.

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11 Gifts for Grinches Who Hate The Holidays

Is holiday gift gathering posing a unique problem when it comes to your most cherished curmudgeon? Have you puzzled and puzzled till your puzzler is sore? Look no further, because we've curated our 11 favorite best gifts for grinches to banish bah-humbugs and grow even the smallest hearts a minimum of three sizes this season.

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11 Cute Cocktail Gifts (To Shake Up Your Holiday Party)

It's almost time to ring in a new year, and that means holiday libations right up until the clock strikes 12. You know our policy: it's always polite to come to a hootenanny prepared to treat your host. Teetotalers need not apply: These 11 cute cocktail gifts will shake up any fête, gala, bash, or blowout in equal measure, and always with a twist!

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7 Great Girly Gift Sets for Hair, Skin, and More

It can be overwhelming trying to locate the perfect present, even, in some cases, if the recipient is someone you’ve known a lifetime. Why not increase your odds for success with several gifts in one? To help reset your radar, we’ve curated these 7 great girly gift sets for hair, skin, and more to suit a variety of sensibilities.

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10 Delicious Gifts For Foodies (That Make You Go 'Yum')

No matter how you celebrate or how you slice it, there is one constant during the holiday season, and that is food. So much of our revelry and fellowship hinges on sumptuous spreads, home-cooked feasts and decadent bakes. Holiday meals are a culmination of our various cultural traditions and are made with the intent to share. To bestow proper thanks to your host or hostess this holiday season, consider one of these delicious gifts for foodies of all kinds.

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