Treats For Your Right Hand Gals: Unique Gifts for Bridesmaids


They were the very first ones you called squealing over the phone the day he got down on one knee. They were the ones you called for emotional support during your first big fight. Even before that, they were the ones you spilled all the details to after you and your future hubby's very first date (possibly even during the date). Yes, I am referring to your bridesmaids, the lovely ladies who have been by your side long before there was any man of your dreams in the picture.


Throughout the exciting flurry of wedding preparations, the bride looks to her leading ladies for a little extra help. Whether the help entails decorations, planning, shopping, or just plain de-stressing, they are constantly by your side waiting to help in any way they can. At the end of the day, you really have to wonder how one can get through planning a wedding without your arsenal of best lady friends. That's why for this week's blog, we've chosen to honor and celebrate all the fabulous women who really make weddings as successful as they are. If you're looking for ways to really treat your bridal party to something special, look no further - we've got fun and unique gifts for bridesmaids up to our ears!


Hobo Wallets

Get your girlfies their own cute individualized wallets filled to the brim with party favors and knick-knacks.



Manicure Sets

EVERY girl needs a convenient manicure set on hand (no pun intended)! We've got four cute sets to choose from to match the personality of each of your besties.



Bridal Party Socks

How perfect are a pair of hot pink socks for your bridal party? These would definitely be worn around the house well after your special day.


Girls Night Out Shot Glass Set

Four adorable and glamorous shot glasses that can be used only by the bride and her bridal party in memory of the big day.


Bridesmaid To Go Tumbler

This one might be a good gift to give the ladies the day before the don't want dehydrated bridesmaids, do you?


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