TREND ALERT - 70's Inspired Natural Brow Makeup Tutorial


It's no secret that the big brow train has been chugging along hard and fast the past couple years. But you can leave the crisp, dark lines in 2017. This summer we are obsessed with this low maintenance 70's inspired look with full bushy brows and freckles! With so much to do in the summer months, allow us to walk you through this easy makeup look that is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. It will keep you looking fresh and naturally sun-kissed (whether you were born with freckles or not)! 

Jane Iredale - Disappear Concealer with Green Tea Extract




Start off by applying a light layer of concealer on the under-eye area to cover any dark circles and wake up the eyes. Use a damp Beauty Blender to build the concealer as needed.

Jane Iredale - PurePressed Powder




Apply a light layer of pressed powder all over to even out skin tone.

Jane Iredale - PurePressed Eye Shadow in Champagne


champagne (1)


Highlight the lids by using a neutral eye shadow shade. Jane Iredale's PurePressed Eye Shadow in Champagne is a safe bet. Brush all over lids, including underneath the brows, creating a palette with contrast for those natural brows to sit on top of.

Jane Iredale - PureBrow Brow Gel




Instead of using an angled brush with shadow or a pencil this summer, its all about allowing those bushy natural brows to flaunt their natural volume and texture. Using a brow gel, lightly brush the hair upwards on your brows to define shape and add volume. If you have dark brows, clear will be your best bet. If your brows are light, or could use some thickening up, you can try a darker shade of this brow gel.

Palladio - Herbal Mascara Lash Obsessed Black




It's hot out, so the last thing we want is heavy layers of mascara weighing our eyes down. Runway looks are keeping lashes natural this summer, so no more spider-eyes. Lightly brush this Palladio mascara over the lashes, 2 coats should suffice.

Palladio - The Definer Contour And Highlight Duo Crayon




"Draping" is big this summer, (think Rihanna) this means brushing highlight on the cheek bones and around the eyes. We took this extreme runway look and made it work for everyday wear by lightly brushing this Highlight crayon on the cheeks and temples. Blend as necessary.

POPS Cosmetics - Sweet Cheeks Powder Blush in LaLa




Flushed cheeks are everywhere this summer! Don't be afraid to add a little pink to the apples of your cheeks.

Jane Iredale - PureGloss Lip Gloss in Beach plum




Instead of a Matte lip, like those famous Kylie vibes we've been seeing, a high gloss is starting to take over the radar for the summer.





Okay, so this is a super new product for summer that we are absolutely OBSESSED with. It's small but mighty, Freck can make you a freckle-faced sun siren in a matter of seconds! All you have to do is dip the applicator wand in the solution and dab tiny dots around your cheeks, nose, forehead, really anywhere you want! You can use your finger or a little bit of pressed powder to diffuse the dots if they get too dark.


These freckles add the perfect finishing touch to this super simple, natural everyday look. Let your summer vibes shine, and embrace that natural glow!

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Posted by Liz Venuto



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