When To Spring Clean Your Beauty Products


Some call it spring fever, others call it hay fever - either way, 'tis the season of change and starting fresh, which means calling it quits on the old that no longer serves you. This stands true in many areas: old belief systems, old styles in your closet, even old makeup that reeeeally shouldn't have lasted this long. If you're struggling this spring and could use a little guidance on how to gently let go of all you deem as junk, we've got a list of for sures and certainties that will have you breathing easier. Unless, you know, your breathing struggles comes from allergies - in which case, you and your immune system are on your own.

Keep in mind that these are standard products with standard ingredients. If you are using more organic lines with natural ingredients, it's likely that the products will expire more quickly (for example, Eminence is a brand that's considered edible - and like anything edible, you wouldn't want to eat it after a while).

Hair Products - You can rely on hair products for at least a year or two, as they tend to last quite a while. You'll be able to tell if your products are going bad if the texture or scent changes, but often times, you can tell based on if your skin has an allergic reaction. Old product can contain mold if exposed to water once it's opened, so just be conscientious about what you put on your body.

Sunscreen - While it can last up to two years once opened, sunscreen can go bad rather quickly if left in hotter climates for extended periods of time. Like milk or other dairy products, you can tell that it's no bueno once the texture starts to change, the smell turns bad, or if it starts turning yellow.

Moisturizer - You'll be able to tell once your moisturizer is kaput based on the texture - if it starts to clump or the consistency isn't as smooth, toss it.

Foundation - Powdered and liquid foundation can probably stand about a year, but if you have a sponge or cream-based foundation, it's best to cut yourself off at 6 months. The odds are much higher that it's been in contact with a lot of contaminates (especially if you're prone to acne).

Mascara - Because it's used so close to an area that comes in contact with bodily fluids (yeah, not stoked on having to use words "bodily fluids"), there is a MUCH higher risk of infection or irritation when using mascara. Toss your wands no later than three months from when you opened them, and even sooner if they start to clump, smell, or change color.

Eye Shadow - The shadow itself can last for quite a while - it all just depends on how you use your brushes. Double dipping or not regularly cleaning can compromise the integrity of the makeup due to the oils from your skin. On that note, ALWAYS clean your brushes every week or two to prevent any adverse skin reactions.

Lipstick/gloss - The pros say that you should toss it between 6 and 12 months, however, if it's applied more often and has more exposure to air (which changes the chemical makeup), it will likely go bad more quickly. A lot of old lipstick will create tiny breakouts around your mouth line, so be aware if that starts to happen.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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