Why Marrakesh Oil Is The Best Product For Curing Frizzy Curly Hair


There’s nothing quite as magnificent and grand as a thick set of curls. There’s also nothing more frustrating than a beautiful set of curls stricken with the awful plague of dry frizziness. Even those with a mild case of waves can fall victim to this terrible fate, especially for those living in desert climates. The trick to dealing with this near universal woe is to find a product that will provide the much needed moisture without weighing down locks or adding too much grease. In our humble opinion, there’s a unicorn product for just that - here’s why Marrakesh Oil is the best product for curing frizzy curly hair.

One of the best aspects about this product is the fact that unlike so many out there on the beauty market, it actually does what it says it’s going to do - and for multiple types of hair, no less. Within seconds of application, any hint of static of frizz is completely undetectable. And if you are someone with frizzy yet thin hair? No prob, Bob - there is a Marrakesh Oil Light option which won’t weigh your strands down even a little bit.

You’ll definitely want to pick this up if you style your hair with dryers or flat irons, which can be particularly drying to the hair. The oil itself cuts drying time in half while providing moisture and color protection. It also smoothens out the texture of your hair over time so that it more easily absorbs conditioning ingredients and moisture.


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The last (and one of our very favorites) reason why this product stands out is due to its impeccable ingredient quality, as Marrakesh spent a lot of time formulating safe and environmentally free ingredients. They also pride themselves on performing absolutely no animal testing and using absolutely no animal ingredients. Given how often we’re finding harmful ingredients these days, it’s a huge weight off the shoulders to know that they also make no use of alcohol, parabens, gluten, dye, or phthalates in any way.

Now, unless you have incredibly tight curls that are lacking moisture from the get go, you really want to only apply this product to the ends of your hair - otherwise it has the potential to make a formerly styled ‘do rather greasy. Just a pump or two of oil spread evenly through your strands should be more than enough to moisturize and de-frizzify. You can add either before heat styling or after, whatever your preference - just remember that when it comes to oil, start with less and add more as you need it.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

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