Why You Need Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair


Got bottle. Gonna use it? The road to Blondedom is hardly the walk in the park such clever quips as “Blondes have more fun” might have you believe. Indeed, it is fraught with upkeep, a little pain, and time, time, time. Did we mention it takes time? Happy news, though: When your flaxen flair has been achieved, there’s a step you can take in the comfort of your own home to impart nutrients and extend the life of your new hue, and it’s as easy as lather-rinse-repeat. There’s no sidestepping around it if you have brassy hair: purple shampoo for blonde hair is a must-have. 

So, What’s the Deal With Purple?

Any art aficionado will tell you that yellow (or, for practical purposes, blonde) and purple are opposite one another on the traditional color wheel. One complements the other. They are each other’s shadow-selves. Yin and yang. You get the idea. What this means is that as your fresh platinum begins to lean brassy, yellow, dull or even greenish due to circumstantial and environmental effectors (we’ll get to that in a sec), purple shampoo will offset these distasteful tones between salon visits—kind of like the proverbial apple a day!


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The Main Suspect: Hard Water

Frequent dips in the pool (chlorine green), over-washing (sudsy sulfates), over-lightening (throwback to Sun-In) and hard water (copper, calcium, magnesium, etc.) all contribute to color consequences, and they are hardly avoidable in most cases. Sure, you could invest in a filtered shower head, or faithfully don a constricting swimming cap, but these and other solutions are not always feasible nor desirable. A once-per-week or once-every-other-week application of a purple shampoo will beef up your blonde and eliminate color-altering mineral deposits.

How To Use It

Though there will be some variance in washing directions from brand to brand, several universal cardinal rules apply. For more problematic pigments, you can safely shampoo daily until the desired effect is achieved. However, even with occasional use, be sure to keep your application time brief. As lighter hair is often more porous, the purple tone could grab if left on hair too long. For more aggressive brassy battling, our tutorial breaks it down nicely.

No need to use your imagination—with an ever-growing arsenal of options for combating coloration issues, consider purple your full spectrum for blonde beautification. And, of course, always consult your colorist for ultimate upkeep advisories. Make ‘em notice!

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