Meet The August 13th Sugar House Art Walk Artists

The Sugarhouse community is largely made up of artists and creatives - one of most resident's favorite aspects of our charming neighborhood. In the spirit of celebrating our local artists, Got Beauty and Upwall Design teamed up with Sugarhouse Art Walk. Excited to feature artists like Rai Lindberg, Trijsten Leach,  Anne Flowers, Hector Corpus at our upcoming art walk - just to name a few, we were eager to chat about all things art and their journey to become prolific artists.

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Meet The Got Beauty Artists Behind The Sugar House Art Walk

It takes all types to make the beauty-verse go round. Perhaps not surprisingly, artists of all sorts are oftentimes the ones running the show behind the scenes. After all, appreciating beauty is what art is all about, right? Elated for a chance to collaborate at the upcoming Sugarhouse Art Walk, we jumped at the opportunity to chat with our Got Beauty family and see what creative greatness they get up to on their off hours.

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Here's why artist Essie Shaw is the LGBTQA+ and BIPOC advocate we need

There are people whose life path inevitably seems to push them towards a position of teacher and leader - and Essie Shaw is one of those people. Essie is a multi-talented artist in every sense of the word: photographer, painter, 3D sculpture, art space curator, and a strong advocate for our LGBTQA+ and BIPOC community. Her goal is to create artwork that represents the greatness of Black America, rather than just the struggles, or the degrading past. With a strong local following, her reach is only growing, and she’s got important things to say - and we sat her down at the Got Beauty headquarters so we could have the pleasure to listen.

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Why Photographer Cat Palmer Inspires Us To Be Brave - And Speak Up

If you’re a Salt Lake City local, you've likely heard of the activist, artist, and photographer, Cat Palmer; you might have seen her award-winning photography and mixed media art, or seen her covering pressing issues on Good Things Utah. This badass artist and activist has many platforms and she utilizes these platforms to take on crucial issues with poise, bravery, and style. We were delighted when she agreed to pop by the Got Beauty headquarters to treat us to an interview, letting us in on her mesmerizing life.

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How To Manage Fine, Frizzy Hair (And Why It's Happening)

Frizz is an equal opportunist offender - that is, pretty much no one is 100% immune given the right set of circumstances. Hair is porous, and just like a sponge it will swell with excess water and will shrivel and crunch when too dry. When battling such stressors, it's always best to aim for the perfect PH and damage balance, so that you can attain the style you want without all the pesky frizzles.

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Ready To Travel Again? Make Sure To Pack These 5 Carry-On Essentials

Can we please take a moment to express a heartfelt and long-awaited "FINALLY!"? No doubt most have us have been aching for travel during what has certainly been a difficult and tumultuous year. With the increasing availability of vaccines and decreasing airfare prices, the temptation is real and opportunities many for treating yourself to a MUCH needed vacation.

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Love Is Love Gift Guide 🌈

Voted Best Beauty For ALL by Salt Lake Magazine, Got Beauty is proud to feature our curated selection of glorious feel-good gifts and goodies in every color of the rainbow. From our rainbow flask to our 'Proud Parent' mug, you're sure to find the perfect pick-me-up to keep you celebrating all things love!

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The Chronic Overpacker’s Guide To Traveling Light

Even after you’ve filled your suitcase to the very brim, there always manages to be something or other that didn’t make its way into your travels. Attachment to our comforts is definitely relatable, and it makes sense that you’d want to have your safety with you wherever you go. Sometimes, this isn’t always feasible. For the overpacker, we have one word that is going to alleviate a huge portion of your anxiety: versatility. Here’s how to incorporate it into your packing methods. 

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How I Brought My Hair Back From The Dead

Confession time: I’m a bottled blonde (big shocker, right?). With the exception of a 2 year brunette phase, I’ve been visiting the salon every 6 weeks for blonde touchups since I was 15. Even when done correctly by expert stylists, so many years of coloring your hair takes its toll on  strands and often times causes quite a bit of damage. Add hair extensions into the mix and you’re just asking for trouble.

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9 Natural Ways to Combat Acne

Finding truly effective acne solutions that aren't overly harsh or chemical-laden can make treating acne-prone skin feel like a very tricky balancing act. Care about making sure the ingredients in your skincare are natural and free of toxins and nasty preservatives? This balancing act can now feel next to impossible.

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