Meet Essie Shaw & CJ Anderson - the local artists behind Got Beauty’s proud 2022 Summer Window Display


If you know Got Beauty, you know that our northwest feature window is extremely close to our heart. More than just visual merchandising, we view our shop window as our opportunity to outwardly represent Got Beauty’s personality, core values, and unequivocal love and support for our community. For our summer 2022 display we’ve teamed up with local artists, activists  and creative geniuses, Essie Shaw and CJ Anderson and we’re bursting with pride over it!

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How To: Take Your Daytime Makeup Routine To A Glam Evening Look

Have you ever had a day booked so back to back that you woke up wondering how you're going to navigate your day look into the evening? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide on quickly transforming your daytime makeup look into nighttime glam.
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Meet the nourishing body treatment you didn't know you needed.

When we think of sskincare, we too often only focus on the face and forget about treating the skin from the neck down. For some, it isn't that we forget about skincare for the body - the idea of that sticky residue moisturizers can leave behind is just too unappealing (fair enough, right)?! No matter the reason for forgoing this step of our skincare routine, Dermalogica is here to rid us of any excuses for dry, unnourished skin. Their Phyto Replenish Body Oil is a super hydrating dry body oil that penetrates quickly with zero oily residues.

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Zodiac lover's gift guide



It’s said that along with your birthdate, your zodiac sign element can suggest specific personality types and traits. Fire: confident and driven. Air: busy and analytical. Water: mysterious and sensitive. Earth: grounded and hardworking. Whether you plan your life according to your horoscope, or merely find it an interesting take on your personality, read on for personalized and interesting gift ideas for yourself, or  just about anyone in your life.

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Here’s why your restoring products aren’t repairing your hair.

Whether your hair damage has been caused by harsh chemicals, hot tools, or a dry climate, you likely have a repairing hair product or two sitting in your bathroom cabinet. If so, you’ve also likely found that there are times these repairing treatments don’t perform as they've promise to. Read on to learn why this happens and ensure that your repairing products continue to deliver the results you want.

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Unboring holiday gift guide


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Take a look through our happy holiday gift guide to find 101+ unboring & inspired gifts to show some love to the ones in your life. From pretty little things for your girlfriends, to fun and festive gifts for the family, you're sure to find something for everyone on your list this year!

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Meet The August 13th Sugar House Art Walk Artists

The Sugarhouse community is largely made up of artists and creatives - one of most resident's favorite aspects of our charming neighborhood. In the spirit of celebrating our local artists, Got Beauty and Upwall Design teamed up with Sugarhouse Art Walk. Excited to feature artists like Rai Lindberg, Trijsten Leach,  Anne Flowers, Hector Corpus at our upcoming art walk - just to name a few, we were eager to chat about all things art and their journey to become prolific artists.

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Meet The Got Beauty Artists Behind The Sugar House Art Walk

It takes all types to make the beauty-verse go round. Perhaps not surprisingly, artists of all sorts are oftentimes the ones running the show behind the scenes. After all, appreciating beauty is what art is all about, right? Elated for a chance to collaborate at the upcoming Sugarhouse Art Walk, we jumped at the opportunity to chat with our Got Beauty family and see what creative greatness they get up to on their off hours.

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Here's why artist Essie Shaw is the LGBTQA+ and BIPOC advocate we need

There are people whose life path inevitably seems to push them towards a position of teacher and leader - and Essie Shaw is one of those people. Essie is a multi-talented artist in every sense of the word: photographer, painter, 3D sculpture, art space curator, and a strong advocate for our LGBTQA+ and BIPOC community. Her goal is to create artwork that represents the greatness of Black America, rather than just the struggles, or the degrading past. With a strong local following, her reach is only growing, and she’s got important things to say - and we sat her down at the Got Beauty headquarters so we could have the pleasure to listen.

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Why Photographer Cat Palmer Inspires Us To Be Brave - And Speak Up

If you’re a Salt Lake City local, you've likely heard of the activist, artist, and photographer, Cat Palmer; you might have seen her award-winning photography and mixed media art, or seen her covering pressing issues on Good Things Utah. This badass artist and activist has many platforms and she utilizes these platforms to take on crucial issues with poise, bravery, and style. We were delighted when she agreed to pop by the Got Beauty headquarters to treat us to an interview, letting us in on her mesmerizing life.

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