How To Survive Moving From a Dry To Humid Climate



They say that moving is one of the most difficult and stressful life experiences a person can have, and with good reason - virtually all of your comforts have been left behind as you build a nest in a new place building your support system from scratch. For those of you taking the plunge into not only a new place but a new climate, as well, there may be more upcoming changes than you think. While you may have your living situation and new job figured out, we recommend doing a bit of research so you know how to help your hair survive moving from a dry to humid climate (they call it beach waves for a reason).

What to expect

If you're someone who has lived in a dry climate all your life, expect the unexpected with your 'do. Unless your hair is naturally very very straight, it's more than likely you'll experience some frizz and flyaways. For those with wavy-ish hair, prepare for things to get more curly than they've ever been. If you have extremely thick hair, it's likely it will take you much longer for your hair to dry. In short, come equipped with as many hair ties and hair clips as necessary to survive the first bout of not knowing what the flip to do with your 'do.

How to manage

The key to surviving major changes in our hair is to go with the flow and accept that things might be different from here on out. What worked for your hair in dry climates may no longer be an option, and hey, that's okay. Here are a few of the major complaints from dry climate ex-pats and tips on how to acclimate ASAP:

Frizz - More than likely, you're going to experience a little bit of frizz. Some of you may even feel frustrated every time you run a brush through your hair (totally normal). The good news about that is that it's super easy to mitigate; all you need to invest in is a killer smoothing oil or serum. A few other easy tips: dry your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel, use a wide-toothed comb for any brushing, or try sleeping on a satin pillowcase.

More curls - We wouldn't be surprised if you ended up being curly girl after too long. Our best advice to someone with spontaneous waves in a humid climate would be to embrace them by using products that will help shape, define, and keep them in tact. A few years back, Bumble & bumble came out with an updated version of their curl products using incorporated feedback from the curl community, and many have never looked back since. (to find out more, check out our blog reviewing each product and which would be best for you)

Hair that doesn't dry - For extremely thick hair, you might start to feel frustrated when your hair doesn't dry as quickly. If you are opposed to using a diffuser, braiding your hair and sleeping on it might be a good option for you. We also recommend using more conditioner than you normally would, as it helps to reseal the hair after shampooing so that it doesn't absorb more moisture.

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