10 Holiday Hostess Gifts That Girly Girls Will Love

cute coffee mugs next to a neon flamingo

We’ve just had a vision of your future - it involves mistletoe, ugly sweaters, intoxicated relatives and a potentially excessive amount of pie. Sound familiar? When it comes to the holidays, we all pretty much know what to expect from our annual hooplas. The party-goer golden rule is to always provide a small token of appreciation to the person who brings us together. Here are a few of our favorite holiday hostess gifts certain to ensure unbridled enthusiasm and complete favoritism from the one with the mostest!

Travel Mugs

Because there's not much better than a sip of your favorite hot beverage while your ride is warming up in the morning.

Pink Flamingo Neon Light

The perfect pop of light and color to brighten up minimalist and eclectic households alike.

mokara voluspa candles

Voluspa Candles

With gorgeous reusable containers and scents ranging from fruity to earthy, you simply cannot go wrong with these candles.

Coffee Mugs

Complement the best ritual of the day with a mug that speaks to the heart and mind of your hostess.

girly travel accessory pouches

Accessory Pouches

Girls love owning a lot of little things, so naturally they're going to love having cute bags to put them in.

Time to get cozy - shop Voluspa candles.

Party Games

Cute and quirky party games are a favorite of every perfect hostess.

prosecco pong party gift

Travel Goodies

For those who prefer to stay glam at 30,000 feet and beyond.

Notebooks and Journals

For the introvert hostess who has random spurts of extraversion (we know you're out there).

gold walrus bookends from alice in wonderland

Gold Glittery Sparklers

We know it's not the 4th of July, but that's no reason not to brighten up a cold, dark night.

Treat the hostess with the mostest - shop gifts here.

Posted by Sadie Upwall

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