11 Cute Cocktail Gifts (To Shake Up Your Holiday Party)


It's almost time to ring in a new year, and that means holiday libations right up until the clock strikes 12. You know our policy: it's always polite to come to a hootenanny prepared to treat your host. Teetotalers need not apply: These 11 cute cocktail gifts will shake up any fête, gala, bash, or blowout in equal measure, and always with a twist!


Elegant and ergonomic, this cat-shaped corkscrew combines two passions: wine and felines. In chic white with rose gold hardware, pop any top purrfectly and get on with the revelry.



It isn't always enough to not show up empty handed. Clothe that naked bottle with a fancy paper bag to add both an element of surprise and visual appeal to your bestowal.



Whether you're sipping, gulping, or guzzling, these dainty Fishs Eddy mashups of old-world aesthetics and 21st-century slang will turn it up and take no prisoners.



We hope your holiday host or hostess has a photographic hobby, because this camera look-alike flask brings surefire satisfaction to shutterbugs who also enjoy a quality snifter. Oh, the places it'll go!

bourbonbears_smallcube.jpgYou can taste the Kentucky barrel-aged goodness in these totally unassuming gummy candies. Free of alcohol but full to the brim with flavor, Bourbon Bears and their counterparts from Sugarfina (we LOVE the Martini Olives!) will fill stockings and satisfy sweet tooths.

Defy absolutely any stereotype that would suggest singularity during the holidays is something to be pitied. Revel in that sh*t. Single bells will single all the way (and keep your tabletop free of glass rings) as you and your guests relish togetherness—nothing less.



You are now entering a drama-free zone. Add your name to the roster of a club in which the first, second, and entire list of rules are respect-centric. Encourage present company to follow suit with the two best motivators of the No Drama Club Flask: what's inside, and what's outside.


hornypintglass.jpgEvery party needs a game or several, and what better way to oil the gathering's gears than with a great pun printed on your pint? Break open the festive floodgates with the Horny Unicorn pint glass (dice included) for rolling and rising to the occasion.


Things are not quite as they seem with this deceptively distorted duo. Sloshed glasses will make you question your bearings in the best way. Don't forget your sea legs.


Like any good boyscout or girlscout, you must always be prepared. A collaspsible, stainless steel shot glass that condenses down accordion-style into a compact keychain-sized disc will wow party guests and pack up nicely at the end of a long night, or camping trip, or whatever.




Who would we be if we armed you with a checklist of cocktail accoutrements and didn't throw you a bone for day-after festivity fallout? The Little Book of Hangovers will prep you with pointers for avoiding, anticipating, and surviving any hangover.

Shop all cocktail-themed gifts here - Cheers!

Posted by Sadie Upwall

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