11 Gifts for Grinches Who Hate The Holidays

gifts for grinches

Is holiday gift gathering posing a unique problem when it comes to your most cherished curmudgeon? Have you puzzled and puzzled till your puzzler is sore? Look no further, because we've curated our 11 favorite best gifts for grinches to banish bah-humbugs and grow even the smallest hearts a minimum of three sizes this season.

Anne Taintor Holiday Cards

A double whammy of well-versed wisecracking cut-and-pasted over timeless vintage illustrations, this Anne Taintor holiday greeting card duo will dull the woe-is-me mentalities of razor-sharp minds.



Notes for Grumps

Ever pine for the note-passing of bygone school days? Relive it when you fill in the blanks of encouraging messages geared to Golden-Rule the crap out of any sourpuss.



Dammit Dolls

When your emotional tea kettle is nearing a full boil, it's essential to let off steam before the whistle blows. Enter Dammit Dolls. These patterned, upholstered punching bags are made specifically to swat, slam, smack, and whack to your heart's content.


Lines For All Occasions: Cop-Outs & Alibis

It's been proven that deceit is a form of intelligence, but that's not what Cop-Outs & Alibis is about. This is a comprehensive guide will have your misanthrope blowing off social engagements, ditching deadlines, and abandoning appointments with the greatest of ease in no time flat.

Here's Your Gift Motherfucker Gum

This NSFW pack of fruit-flavored gum from our faithful favorite Blue Q takes the cake in brass-tacks brutality, as do their myriad other snarky stocking stuffers. 


Where fully formed phrases fail, "WTF?" answers the call of life's most outlandish scenarios, most of which Summersdale has unearthed and published here for your WTF-ing pleasure. 



Intervention-Ware Mug

With all the sweetness of a seasick crocodile, the brutal honesty of Fishs Eddy Intervention-Ware calls out those sweaty, obnoxious, and overly-enthusiastic masses in your midst.


Why Am I So Full of Hate? Magnet

Give the gift of warm fuzzies with a refrigerator adornment that screams angsty self-loathing. Nothing says, "I get you" like a cute kitten experiencing an existential crisis.

Love Bites Bento Box

A bonafide candy buffet for the jerked-around, jilted, or unlucky in love, this semi-sardonic triplet gives the green light for eating your feelings.


100 Reasons to Panic About Following Your Dreams

You know that old psychological tactic of saying one thing to subliminally get people to do the opposite? The 100 Reasons series does just that by way of outlining all the potential for panic to make evident the counterproductivity of fear.


"F" Bomb Paperweight

Whether weighing down a stack of paperwork, holding open a door, or securing a tablecloth at a family picnic, this single-letter truth bomb does the dirty work of dropping a doozie without you ever actually having to. 

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