13 Tricks To Banish A Blemish


It's the final countdown....to back to school! For most people, those three little words induce a flurry of excitement for fall fashion and of reuniting with friends. That is, until you wake up one morning, a week before school is supposed to start, with an ill-timed zit the size and shape of Kentucky. You try face washes, creams, masks, everything, but to no avail. Have no fear, breakout victims, we've rounded up tips and methods for banishing a back to school blemish that are sure to have your skin smooth and glowing before the first bell rings!

Switch up your diet. Many vouch that cutting dairy, soda, caffeine, refined sugar and processed foods out of your diet reduces acne SIGNIFICANTLY. This is definitely the least fun of all your options, but by far the best choice for long term skin health (whether you have acne or not).  If you smoke or drink alchohol....your skin would like to ask you to please take it easy on that stuff. 

Change your pillowcases and sheets regularly. Nothing will clog pores, potentially breed bacteria, and irritate already angry skin faster than sleeping on the same dirty pillow for weeks straight.

On that note, our Dermalogica expert, recommends that you switch your laundry detergent to something more natural or fragrance free. Also, fabric softeners should be avoided.

It's so tempting, but this will only spread bacteria and potentially cause permanent scarring. Leave the extractions to a licensed esthetician or dermatologist.

Check your makeup product labels to see f the products you use contain waxes, oils, perfumes or other ingredients you may be sensitive to. If you are a chronic breaker-outer, keep a journal of products you use...you may notice a pattern. Too many harmful chemicals are bad for your general health, not just your skin.

GB Head Honcho Tammy recommends going makeup free for two days out of the week to give your skin a breather. If you notice a positive change in your skin, take a close look at the products you are using and consider swithing them up a bit.  

If you're going to exfoliate, make sure not to scrub too harshly and to utilize a gentle exfoliant, especially if you have open breakouts. Over abrasion will aggravate you skin and can potentially spread bacteria...causing further breaking out.

Clean and replace your makeup brushes and sponges regularly. Your sponges and brushes collect oils, dust, old skin particles and dirt...not only from your face but from your surroundings. Keep them sanitized.

Never go to bed with makeup on! It doesn't matter how tired you are...this is a big no no. Always wash your face, even if you aren't up to your entire nightly routine....at least get clean.

Use Manuka Honey as a facial mask for up to an hour while you're cleaning up around the house or doing your homework. This was recommended to me by one of our Master Estheticians and has been a lifesaver. You can get several different strengths and brands at health food stores or your local grocery store.

Try not to overuse products with a lot of astringent or benzoyl peroxide. While they do have acne-ridding benefits, they can strip your skin of all natural oils, making it overly-dry and therefore produce more breakouts.

Put warm chamomile teabags over breakouts to reduce inflammation and minimzie a blemish. This trick also works for puffy eyes!

Use sunscreen! This may not seem important, but sun damage will exaggerate dark spots on your skin, and if you're prone to acne scarring, tanning will make your scars far more visible.

Tried and True Recommendations from Got Beauty's finest:

, our Director of Operations, uses the Miracle Oil for not just blemishes, but for bug bites, scratches, dry cuticles, EVERYTHING (and her skin is flawless).

As an advocate for the most natural products possible, Got Beauty Girl Natasha swears by the Blemish Potion, which is the only acne product she will touch.

,our Warehouse and Receivings Manager, uses the Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel when she's confronted with a nasty and persistent blemish.

our Creative Director, prefers the Marula Oil and Pekee Cleansing Bar from Drunk Elephant, as well as the GlyMed Plus Skin Peeling Lotion.

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