17 Game-Changing Uses For Earthly Body Miracle Oil

earthly body miracle oil

‘Miracle’ is not a word that should be thrown around lightly - after all, the implications are extraordinary to say the least. So when we say that the Earthly Body Miracle Oil is aptly named, you know we’re not messing around. There are few products on the market capable of remedying such a vast array of skin ailments, but this one has certainly earned its stripes - here are our favorite 17 game-changing skincare uses for Miracle Oil (tip of the iceberg).


1. Bug bites

Mosquitos ain’t got nothing on this bad boy. It aids in reducing skin irritation and swelling from bug bite infections - way better than toothpaste, if you ask us.


2. Dry and painful cuticles

This is one of our favorites for treating hangnails and unhappy fingers. In fact, the Got Beauty manicurists swear by it, and frequently use it during their services.


3. Blemishes

While there are a few different types of acne, this little piece of magic aids in reducing inflammation and infusing the skin with vitamins it needs to nip blemishes in the bud.


4. Scars

While it may not completely remove scars, it’s terrific for getting them to fade a little faster.


5. Dry heels

Nothing’s worse than dry heels rubbing against your shoes, am I right?


6. Rough skin patches

Winter can be particularly brutal on skin - it’s best to keep it happy by exfoliating regularly and adding a drop or two of the ole M.O. once per day.


7. Cuts and scrapes

If you’re somebody who works with your hands a lot doing arts and crafts, gardening, etc., this little guy is going to facilitate the healing process and help prevent infection (so you can get back to your favorite hobbies).


8. Dry scalp

Obviously prepare to have a little bit of an oily scalp when you do this…we recommend massaging it in before bed and showering the next morning.


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9. Toenail fungus

You know what it is, we know what it is - just trust us, if this is something you struggle with, you're going to want it in your skincare arsenal.


10. Rashes

For tinier inexplicable rashes, add a drop and gently massage to reduce irritation. If you’re experiencing a serious rash covering large portions of your body, obviously see a doctor right away.


11. Dry skin

If you feel like your body lotion just isn’t cutting it, one of the very best instant pick-me-ups is to add a drop to your favorite lotion as you apply it to your skin.  


12. Stretch mark reduction

Again, adding it to your daily lotion is going to make a WORLD of difference. Apply twice a day for double the results!


13. Ingrown hairs

While we recommend Tend Skin for preventing ingrown hairs, we prefer Miracle Oil for curing them, as it’s much less dehydrating and aggressive (in fact, we’d say it’s the opposite).


14. Razor burn

Once more, if you’re worried about agitation, this is a pretty decent alternative to Tend Skin.


15. Sunburn

There’s not much worse than feeling like you can’t even move due to a bad sunburn. Mixing Miracle Oil and aloe vera is going to be a refreshing and healing combination to prevent any damage (though next time, we recommend sunscreen).


16. Windburn

A day out skiing on a windy winter day can be more harsh than you’d think. Applying Miracle Oil followed by the Dermalogica Barrier Repair will do your skin a world of good after playing in the snow.


17. Athlete’s foot

Anything that is going to cut this nasty ailment’s healing time in half really IS a miracle.

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Posted by Sadie Upwall

Project Manager and Editor for the best little beauty business in SLC.



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