5 Easy Guides to 2015 Beauty Trends


2015 is upon us, and the general consensus is that it's going to be a fun yet familiar year for beauty trends. Keeping things simple and easy seems to be this year's theme, and hey, we're not complaining - the majority of us tend to always be on-the-go. We're already seeing the emergence of some quick and classic favorites: fresh-faced foundation, a simple stroke of black eyeliner, straight hair, and moody metallic eye makeup. We suggest mastering these basic beauty techniques to cut your morning beauty regimen in half. There are few lovelier or faster styles than a messy bun and bright red lips, and we have a feeling they'll stick around even after 2015.


Second-Day Styles

Most of you already know that it's best not to wash your hair every day. Having a handful of go-to hairdos under your belt makes second-day styling easy as pie.


Ravishing Bright Lips

Bright bold lips are quite liberating; play your cards right and you can make them stay all day long. Got Beauty Girl Kaycee will show you how the pros do it here:


A Splash of Color on the Eyes

A little green here, a little blue there...adding a touch of color to your eye makeup adds a fun twist to your daily routine (try every color of the rainbow).



Fun Buns of All Shapes and Sizes

To be honest, we don't think buns ever really went out of style. Even if you have trouble obtaining the perfect chignon bun, you're in luck -  messy is in, and you'll probably receive a compliment or two.


Bold and Beautiful Brows

Adding brow boldness can be a bit daunting if you're new to the trend, but have no fear - MUA Shelby will show you how it's done here, without even breaking a sweat.


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