7 Holiday Party Woes (And How To Navigate Them)


While they may be merry and bright, the majority of our holiday parties always seem to bring a little bit of stress into our lives. If the festivities snuck up on you this year, it's likely that the stress is going to be tenfold as you struggle to get everything prepared. We've been there - and in honor of the spirit of the season, we've whipped out a few solutions to help you get through everything in one piece. Hang in there - after all, if you don't experience at least one of the following woes, is it even really a holiday party?

Your dietary restrictions limit pretty much all your snacking options.

The Solution: For those seeking good health and relatively fit bodies, the holidays can be a bit of a nuisance. Not only are you burdened by the array of treats and libations in virtually every vicinity, but you are often gifted the very sugars that you are trying to avoid. Before you leave the house, make sure to pregame with some of your own healthy snacks or even bring some with you on your merry way. If you're already feeling a little full when you show up, you're less likely to imbibe and indulge in the all the goodies. And remember: nobody has the right to tell you what you what to put in your body.

You put off gift shopping...until 6:30pm on December 24th.

The Solution: You're going to have to get creative with this one. The good news: You can't really go wrong with gift cards accompanied by a thoughtful, handwritten card. If you're worried it's not enough, snag an extra quirky trinket that will tickle their fancy.

You have absolutely no idea what to wear.

The Solution: Never underestimate the power of red lips. If you virtually have nothing festive to wear, opt for an outfit you feel your best in, but switch it up with bright red holiday lips. If you really have nothing to wear, we suggest hitting up your local consignment or thrift store. They're always loaded with ugly sweaters and fun attire to spice things up. 

You ran out of wrapping paper.

The Solution: There are literally dozens of ways to incorporate household items into your gifts. Magazines, newspapers, trash bags, plastic grocery bags, paper grocery bags...the list goes on and on. Environmentalists would actually be pretty stoked to know that you re-used something around the house instead of more wrapping paper.

Your significant other's family is completely insane.

The Solution: Not much avoiding this one, unfortunately - in fact, it's best to address it head on. If a mini-flask allows you to tolerate the aspects that you endure for your loved one, we won't say we saw anything. If libations are not an option, we suggest a smile, a strict time limit, and prepared dialogue for those particularly difficult family members. Meditation is also a useful tool (after all, what better time to start than the holidays?).

Your family is completely insane.

While this maaaay seem similar to the previous situation, you actually have some power here. With significant others, we sometimes have to make compromises for the well-being of the relationship. If it's your family, and you really struggle to get along with them, we want to throw out a radical suggestion: don't attend! You are not obligated to be around anyone who negatively affects your happiness, and you can always opt to simply not attend. If that's really not an option for you, see solutions for significant other's family.

You suffer from crippling social anxiety.

The Solution: You hear me out there, introverts? There are more of us than you think. While it's super tempting to want to resort to the ole flask trick, it often only leads to more anxiety, and doesn't really even solve the problem. There are a few social tricks that are sure to make things easier: preparing questions ahead of time (people love talking about themselves), knowing your answers to the classic "how is work" "what's new" "when are you going to _____" questions, and just keeping in mind that everyone most likely feels the same way you do.

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