72 Valentine's Day Gifts For EVERYONE

valentines day is for everyone

At Got Beauty, we consider ourselves to be advocates of love. Every year when Valentine's Day rolls around, we have to wonder why the holiday is exclusive to romance and not to other types of affection. In this blogger's humble opinion, love of all shapes and sizes ought to be appreciated. After all, not everyone has a significant other, but most of us have best friends, moms, dads, kids, or even pets that deserve just as much recognition. And let's not forget the ultimate deserving V-Day recipient - you, of course!

gifts for your girlfriends

Gifts For Your BFF

You may remember our blog from last V-Day (Love is Spelled B-F-F). Same basic principle: your BFF generally stays on board through several significant others, and more than likely loves all the stuff you love. We're thinking Gal-entine's is much more appropriate (see gift guide here).

gifts for pet lovers

Gifts For Pet Lovers

Who loves kitty? While these gifts may not necessarily be appreciated by your pet, pet lovers most definitely will find these gifts to be most enjoyable.

gifts for bae

Gifts For Your Boo

Ok, so maybe you do have a significant other who kinda rocks your world...by all means,
pull out 
all the stops.

gifts for you

Gifts For You

Love who you are, and do something nice for yourself while you're at it. You know what you like better than anyone, so you're guaranteed not to disappoint yourself. We've said it once, and we'll say it again: treat yo self.


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