9 Natural Ways to Combat Acne


Finding truly effective acne solutions that aren't overly harsh or chemical-laden can make treating acne-prone skin feel like a very tricky balancing act. Care about making sure the ingredients in your skincare are natural and free of toxins and nasty preservatives? This balancing act can now feel next to impossible.

Fear not though. Skincare that is genuinely effective, yet natural is not too much to ask for and your skin really does deserve the best of both worlds. Read on for nine ways to naturally and successfully combat acne.

Be Sure You're Not Overdoing It.

Acne can be caused by excess oil production, so in theory, it makes sense that stripping the skin entirely of all of its oil by using harsh chemical-based treatments can treat acne. That being said, this method is not sustainable. At best, the common dehydrating acne treatments on the market will disrupt the skin’s vital oil balance, your skin will overcompensate by producing too much oil to troubleshoot and your skin will end up with another breakout. At worst, over time your skin will become chapped, irritated, and will age more rapidly. Fortunately, the industry is shifting; there are now options that are truly effective in treating acne that also deliver nutrients to the skin, rather than stripping it completely.

Wash Away Pollutants.

The skin is the largest organ and it absorbs everyday pollution and toxins that clog pores, which leads to acne. To thoroughly cleanse the skin of pollutants, incorporate the double cleanse method into your routine. Begin with Eminence’s Stone Crop Cleansing Oil to deeply cleanse and detoxify with purifying microgreens. It can seem counterintuitive to use an oil-based cleanser on acneic skin, but it’s actually a perfect fit. Oil attracts oil and grabs onto unwanted impurities in the skin. Follow with Eminence’s Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser to treat problem skin with cucumber and tea tree oil while delivering vital probiotics derived from sweet almond milk and yogurt. This wash combination will leave the skin feeling fresh and clean, yet healthily balanced. 

Turn Over Tired Skin Cells With A Gentle Daily Exfoliant.

Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is an industry favorite because it’s what’s called a dual exfoliant—meaning that the rice-based powder offers gentle manual exfoliation, while enzymes from rice and papain offer light chemical exfoliation. To slough off dead skin cells and bacteria that lead to breakouts, dispense a half-teaspoon of Microfoliant powder into very wet hands to create a paste, apply with circular motions (avoiding eye area) and rinse thoroughly after about a minute. Follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer.

Remember To Moisturize.

Because we often associate acneic skin with excess oil, we sometimes forget that it needs that vital hydration balance that moisturizer provides. The problem with forgoing moisturizer is that it sends a message to your skin to produce more oil—the opposite of what you’re going for. For the perfect moisture balance in oily and acne-prone skin, try Eminence’s Acne Advanced Clarifying Hydrator. Used one to three times a day, it minimizes the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring, reduces breakouts with time-released Beta Hydroxy Acid, and decreases shine for a matte finish.

Unclog Pores With Salicylic Acid.

Salicylic acid is known as a secret weapon for fighting flare-ups while simultaneously preventing future breakouts. In true Eminence Organics style, their Acne Advanced Clarifying Masque delivers serious results without damaging the skin. Eminence Organics upped their game when it comes to utilizing salicylic acid by putting it in encapsulated form.  When Beta Hydroxy Acid is encapsulated, it is released over time to continually treat breakouts and deliver acne-fighting goodness by neutralizing bacteria before breakouts occur. Used once a week, Eminence’s Clarifying mask leaves the skin squeaky clean but still healthy and glowing.

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Soothe Stressed Out Skin.

If you suffer from acne, you know that not only is it painful to self-esteem, it can literally be very painful to the skin. Formulated to address root causes of acne while soothing painful itching and discomfort, Dr. Nancy's All Natural Herbal Ointment uses aloe vera, bergamot, oregano, tea tree, and a proprietary blend of botanicals, herbs, and essential oils in their formula. These ingredients not only help relieve the painful sensation of acne but also treat the root causes of acne before the breakout forms.

Cater To The Causes Of Your Breakouts.

Have you ever found that your go-to treatment isn't working for your current flare-up? This could be because what triggered your last breakout is different than what’s causing your current breakout. Oleum Vera Organic Mask Capsules For Acne allow you to choose what type of treatment your skin needs when dealing with a breakout. This kit comes with customizable mask treatments including balancing, deep cleansing, and anti-inflammatory masks—each of which can be vital to treat acne-prone skin. Each mask is mixed and measured by you, ensuring that you know exactly what is going onto your skin, and giving you the control of the consistency that’s right for your skin.

Use Makeup That Incorporates Skincare.

Let's face it: It’s undeniably uncomfortable to go without coverage when dealing with a flare-up. Here's the thing though—you don’t need to choose between full coverage and foregoing makeup all together to avoid future breakouts.

There’s a reason that Jane Iredale is known as ‘The Skincare Makeup.” Jane’s makeup is sensitivity tested, non-comedogenic, and contains zero pore-clogging synthetic fragrances that are found in many other makeup lines. The skin does not know what to do with these artificial additives, so it does the only thing it can—purges these toxins through pimples. Whether you prefer a BB cream with full coverage and a dewy finish, or you like an oil-preventing matte foundation, Jane has something for acne sufferers. 

Take It From A Beauty Pro.

Got Beauty pro Bee’s favorite tried and true natural acne treatment: “It definitely has to be the Eight Greens line from Eminence! They have a few different products within it but my top picks are the Eight Greens Youth Serum and the Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer. I tend to get a lot of hormonal acne along my jawline and my chin, sometimes my cheeks too. The serum and moisturizer duo clears it up as soon as it starts to even show up!"

Bonus Tip: "I also really love Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant for the fact that it can turn ANY cleanser into an exfoliating treatment. Perfect for a little at-home spa night to remove dead skin or before applying SPF products in the morning for a lake day in the summer." -Got Beauty Pro, Bee


Pink graphic that reads "Find your natural skin care solution"

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