And Our 2016 'Mom'Shell Is...

It’s time to announce the 2016 recipient of the ‘Mom’Shell $500 Giveaway!

We are very pleased to announce that this year’s highlighted ‘Mom’shell is…Shawna, nominated by her friend Andrea Bo! Congratulations, Shawna!  

Shawna is a 'Mom'shell in every sense of the word!  Her level of dedication to her community and to those she cares about is awe-inspiring!  We truly look forward to treating her to a Spa Queen Pedicure and oodles of our favorite goodies and beauty products  – she deserves it:

"My coworker Shawna is the definition of a "Mom Shell." We work together helping homeless and refugee customers apply for state welfare benefits. Shawna is compassionate, extremely smart and funny - both customers and coworkers love to be around her. Shawna's personal life is not as glamorous. She takes care of her wheelchair bound husband, Ray, who has MS, and her two daughters, Emmy 12 and Savannah 19. She wakes up every day at 4am to bathe, shave, and dress him. She then leaves to drive 45 min to work, putting her makeup on in the car.  She keeps watch on the home video camera on her phone to make sure Ray is okay. She pays out of her own pocket each month for a nurse to visit him twice a day. Because of this, Shawna does not have time, money or energy to care for herself. Once she gets home from work, takes care of Ray, spends time with her daughters, she is exhausted and falls asleep. She wakes up the next morning and does it all again, always with a smile and never asking “Why me?”. She is my inspiration in so many aspects of my life."  ~ Andrea 

While we are only able to highlight one special Mama, we’d like to emphasize a very important truth: All of the women nominated were deserving of this giveaway.  Our task to choose just one Mom to honor was nearly impossible!  We know that ALL moms;  those who are with us and those we miss dearly, deserve love and recognition!!  This year we decided to add a few of our favorite entries to the blog.  As you read them, you will understand why our job was so tough! To all who took the time to enter your 'Mom'shell - check your email boxes!  We've sent along a little suprise to show our mom-love!


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Submitted by Anastasia F.

"I nominate Jolene J., who just went through an incredibly hard pregnancy and had to live out of state unexpectedly to go through emergency surgery as well as stay there until the baby was born in case of any complications. Her and her husband just barely came back home to Utah with a precious baby boy, but are now about to face all of the medical bills which will be tough since they had to drop their lives and jobs in January in order to take care of the baby and mom! The surgery she went through was an experimental pre-natal surgery for babies with spina bifida in order to help increase the baby's chances of walking and living a more normal life. The surgery for Jolene was successful, however she herself went through a lot of complications with pain and was pretty much bed ridden for most of her pregnancy while in Houston. This was incredible hard for them as this is their first child and they had to go through everything by themselves without the immediate support of family being close by. I nominate Jolene because through it all she kept such a positive attitude and stayed so strong! This first time mommy deserves the best!"

★ Submitted by Cecilia M.C.

"I nominate my mother, Celina M. for the "Mom"shell giveaway. She has been the caretaker of the household since my younger brother and I were toddlers; our father left our little family at a very early stage, so my mother had to step up to be both of the parents for our childhood. She had a little help from my grandmother with babysitting, but she mostly had to go out and work in order for ends to meet by deadlines. She had to get several jobs at a time, in order to support our family on her own and she had to also figure out new ways of how she would be able to buy all of the Christmas and birthday presents my brother and I got each year. As busy as she was constantly, she always kept a smile on her beautiful face the whole way whild she was making it through our family's rough time. Today, my mother has brought my brother and I to where we are now. We are all happier than ever before because of what my mother had to go through and our lives have been saved by the strength my mother has. I really hope she wins this amazing prize because she is still working and she honestly deserves a day off to relax and have a day to herself without any worries. I love her very much, and she has taught me the incredible lesson of working hard that I will never forget."

★ Submitted by Kaylee D.

"My mom is the epitome of a 'Mom'shell. She is the woman in my life that does everything with a deep beauty rooted from her heart. She is the foundation in the Nipper family---the strongest part that holds the family together and constant support for her children. She is always reminding us to live in the moment and relish the time we have together. Life is more fun when you can let loose and be silly, and be yourself. Live spontaneously and let things fall into place instead of trying to plan out every moment. An authentic life is the best when you radiate your soul to the world. I've learned from her example to do just that. She is a woman of positivity so much so that she carries smiley face pins in her purse and passes them out to people throughout her day. Landy lives life glowing with positive vibes - she has a contagious amount of joy that you can't help but feel her warmth when you are around her. I couldn't dream of having a more perfect mother and role model. I pray that I can be a 'Mom'shell one day just like she is."

★ Submitted by Madison M.

"She is a super hero. She's had cancer and survived. Had a terrible childhood and came out of it and better herself from it didn't let it ruin her life. Lost our house because of a crooked person who went jail for it. Has me, and twin 10 year olds. She does everything for everyone else- nothing for herself. She's an angel on earth."

★ Submitted by Terri S.

"I nominate my daughter, Jeanne V. She has always been so helpful to me. She has been my rock, my nurse, my house cleaner, my laundress and this was all when she was a teen ager or young mother. Now she is a mother of teenagers herself, having raised them primarily on her own. She has come far in her work & personal life. She strives every day to be a good role model to her children and her nieces. She takes care of herself but as her mother, I think she needs more pampering. She has helped her siblings and countless others with a place to stay when they needed it. She is a protector of us all. A little tiger you might say. She is all I could ask for in a daughter, a friend. She is truly a special girl to me, a very special woman to all."

★ Submitted by Antoine N.

"I nominate my wife, Stacey N., for the MomShell giveaway. Being a parent/mother in New York City is no easy task. Being a parent/mother of two young children in New York City while maintaining a marriage (sometimes I double as the third child) and career is a feat to be celebrated! Stacey is not just a mother by virtue of giving birth, but in every essence of the meaning. Even after 12 hour days at work in corporate America, she is home to make sure that our daughter's hair is set for the next day (this alone should be rewarded as my daughter puts up a fight daily) and that our son's grapes are packed in his lunch. She advocates for my children's well being on every level from their health to their education to their spirituality. Women/mothers like Stacey are the cornerstones of thriving families and she deserves to be celebrated, and I think the Momshell giveaway would be an amazing platform to do so! I could go on but given the 200 word limit, please accept this nomination for Stacey, an amazing daughter(in law), sister, wife, and  most importantly MOTHER!"

★ Submitted by Joanna S.

"My "Mom" shell is my own Mom!  She tireless cared for my very ill Dad for 4 years before be passed away.  There were weeks were she did not sleep because she was taking care of my Dad's every need.  She gave up going out with her friends, traveling, getting her hair colored, eating and sleeping, she devoted her mind, body and spirit to my Dad.  Now he has passed and she truly deserves to be pampered and spoiled a little.  She is constantly helping elderly neighbors to fill her time, she just keeps giving and giving of herself.  She has been such a positive role model to my family.  We'd love to surprise her with some special treats from you."

★ Submitted by Katie J.

"I nominate my mom Shauna T. She's the sweetest person and best mom you could ask for. She's always willing to help out with anything needed even when you know she's beyond tired. She has always kept me grounded and given me the best advice even when she knows it's not what I want to hear. Her grandson just adores her and goes through withdrawals if he doesn't see her regularly. I've never heard anything unkind spoken about her. She's bright and funny, a peacemaker, a best friend and hands down just best person I know. Honestly she deserves to be a saint. She puts everyone else before herself and always wants her loved ones to be happy and taken care of. I hope she wins because she deserves the best and has been a long time Got Beauty support from the very beginning."

★ Submitted by Lauren H.

"My mom is the most selfless, caring, loving and fun woman I know. This has been a difficult year for her but she continues to conquer and be a rock for everyone who relies on her. She always puts others before herself and works so hard to make ends meet for our family. She is such an inspiration to me and I truly hope I become half the mother and best friend that she is to me to my own children. Mothers should be celebrated daily, not just once a year!"

★ Submitted by Kippy F.

"Unfortunately my mother passed when I was 17, I never knew how someone could be so much like her until I met my wife, she's the mother of my child and is the most amazing person ever. Her name is Ashely and she should win because she's my best friend and most amazing mother to my daughter sparrow!"

★ Submitted by Bre G.

"My nomination for "mom"shell would be my own mother, Sheryl. She's the epitome of a mother. I only hope to be half of what she is to me. Selfless, giving, loving, thoughtful and loyal are just a few of her traits. You know she's amazing when my own son, who is 3, calls her mom, and me by my first name (Bre). One day maybe I'll earn the mom title as well haha. Everyone wants her to be their mom. :)"

★ Submitted by Aubrey G.

"My mom is the best out there. She supports her children through thick and thin, even when we are driving her nuts, she would give her life for us and much more. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for my mother. She has taught me so much throughout the years and is an overall incredible person.  At social events, people will come up to me and just go on and on about how wonderful she is. I am the proudest daughter."

★ Submitted by Michelle R.

"I nominate my amazing friend & mother, Candace K.  She has been through so much hardship as a single mother of an autistic daughter and has still made time to be there for me when I need her.  I was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and if it wasn't for Candace's support and friendship I think I would be severely depressed.  She calls to check up on me and every time I ask her if she wants to do something, she always makes herself available to me.  She deserves something really great for this mother's day!  Thank you."

★ Submitted by Kate Q.

"The mom I'm nominating is my sister. She has three kids under the age of 6 and has a heart of gold. She's always looking out for new moms by helping bring groceries to their houses, little house items, and other things all while being super mom to her kids. She is a stay at home mom who doesn't get the chance to go out and be pampered and I would love to give her that special relaxing time this Mother's Day."

★ Submitted by Rachael W.

"I nominate my mother, Jennifer E., as the ultimate deserving "Mom"shell! All our lives she's given 200% to her children. She always made sure that even if we were hurting for money, we had food on the table and clothes on our backs. She is the definition of someone completely self-less; she currently helps her mother out who is legally blind. She also helps her elderly grandmother who lives alone. She runs errands for them, does gardening, visits, and helps clean. She manages to go to school full time, work full time, maintain family time, and maintain a relationship! She is there for my brother who is struggling with a drug addiction and currently in jail; she visits and supports but ensures to not enable. A fine line to walk.. something which takes its toll on her. Despite her struggles she maintains a positive outlook on life and never stops going or giving. She is the best grandma to my 2 baby nephews, taking them to parks, museums, etc to help teach them. Not only does she take care of family but if a stranger is hungry, she feeds them. She's the ultimate definition of a 'Mom'shell and my hero!"

★ Submitted by Abbie A.

"My "mom"shell is my mom. She is the most hard working, caring, and best mom in the whole world. She is an owner of 2 laundry mats along with my dad, aunt and uncle. She is there most of the day and cleans is spotless. She is very kind to everyone who walks in that door. After a hard day at work she gets to come home and see us, her kids. I don't know how she puts up with 7 kids, but she does and she has a lot of patience with us. Even though things may not go how she wants it, she is always looking on the bright side and can always cheer people up. She is beautiful inside and out and is a wonderful person. I couldn't live without her, I love her so much!"

★ Submitted by Jessica A.

"My mom is a champion. She held together our family when my father took his life in 2002. We were all still teenagers. She was left trying to provide for us with having no work experience. She rose above the challenge and kept us sane during the most difficult time in our lives. I am forever grateful for all the hard work she has done and how loving she still is today! Even 14 years later, the pain of my father's death still haunts us all, but she is a champion... now and forever."

★ Submitted by Liza N.

"My 'mom'shell is my mom! She has given me all the love, care and support that I could ever need. As a single mom, she had a lot on her plate raising two kids and working a full-time job and handled it with such grace and poise and has truly given me someone to look up to in every way. She is quick with a hug and is my go-to for anytime I could use a wise, strong woman's advice. She works so hard and is truly deserving of being spoiled and treated like the queen that she is. On top of taking care of everyone around her, she still manages to take care of herself and always looks breathtaking! Her favorite saying if anyone is having a hard day, "Put some lipstick on, you'll instantly feel better!" And she's right! A little pampering goes a long way!"

★ Submitted by Holly H.

"She's a farmer's wife, mother to myself and my 2 siblings (all adults), she can out hike any of my mountain living friends (she lives in the midwest), mend clothing, can any food, harvest her own meat, she's a bronze skinned, farm girl beauty in her her late 50's and still amazes me."

★ Submitted by Sandra G.

"I nominate my loving mommy she would literally give her shirt off her back for someone in need. Her heart is so big I wonder sometimes if she is human because I admire her giving heart I wish I become half the woman she is. She never judges people rather she helps people realize their potential of themselves. All my friends say she has the biggest heart, I love her to the moon and back."

★ Submitted by Roxanne B.

"Melinda B.P.  I would be honoured for you to meet "our Melinda" as she is a Mom to all she meets and will give of herself unconditionally. Melinda has four babies with paws. 2 dogs & 2 cats. She then takes in foster dogs to build them up in strength & training to prepare them for a new family. Our greatest treasure is Melinda is a Mom & sister to precious girls in our neighborhood."

★ Submitted by Anna E.

"I nominate my best friend Mary. She is an amazing mother to her three kiddos. She supports them all by herself and juggles owning her own business, coaching a softball team, and more. She is always giving back and is a believer that what you put out in the universe will come back to you. She's a genuine hardworking momshell. Plus she makes a mean banana milkshake."

★ Submitted by Chrystal F.

"My friend Brittany O. She Is a mother of 3 and she is always on the run. Her husband is away on business 3 weeks a month and she is literally doing the mom thing solo. I'm not sure how she does it but I feel like she is stressed and could use a night away for a little (much needed) Rest & Relaxation."

★ Submitted by Marlene M.

"My mom is so selfless. Instead of doing things for herself  (which she needs & should) she does so much for everyone else. Ever since I was little I have watched her give of herself ~ material, emotional and physically. She is  so inspiring about how much she cares and loves for others. I am glad that my young daughter and myself have such a strong, loving & caring influence in our lives. It would be great to see her receive something for once since she is always so generous and giving. Thank you mom for all the love you give to others xo"

★ Submitted by Amanda B.

"She has been through so many challenges, and she has a had time getting out of bed most days she suffers from depression, but she still keeps fightin. She gives so much love to others that she doesn't give any to herself. It would be nice to see her be taken care of for once."

★ Submitted by Jecoa C.

"I want to start off by saying I have the best mom in the world. I can remember her working around the clock to make sure my brother, sister and I had more than what we needed. We had everything we wanted and she did it all by herself. Raising three kids and keeping them with the best clothes and shoes. We attended NBA all star weekends and I wouldn't trade a second of it. My mom made me the great father that I am. She is a cancer survivor and keeps on ticking. So to the best mom in the world I love you."

★ Submitted by Kierra C.

"My mom Patricia is a "Mom" shell because she raised me to be the best I can be. With my father not really being in the picture because of drug and alcohol problems, she chose me. She devoted her life to me. She gave me and taught me the faith that we both needed to proceed in life, and because of that we both became full. I love my mom and she deserve so much for raising a young girl like me. <3"

★ Submitted by Madi T.

"My mom is the best mom ever. I've been dealing with a lot of mental issues (depression, anxiety, PTSD) for a really long time and she has done nothing but help and support me. My little brother has autism and she deal with that as well. My dad isn't around a lot and she's just the most supportive, funniest, and caring mom in the whole world."

★ Submitted by Star F.

"I would like to nominate my friend/co-worker, Apryl S.N. She's a single mother of 3 beautiful girls. She's worked hard for everything her entire life. She tries to be a fun mom to her girls, and remain a strong, independent woman who doesn't take "no" for an answer."

★ Submitted by Michelle H.

"I nominate Amanda C. because even though she has her bad day, negative days, and stressful days she still manages to go above and beyond to make her little one feel loved, special and gives him her undivided attention. She gets papers all the time to go back and forth to court to deal with her babies father and he would love nothing more than to make her crazy and ruin her time with her son and even with all the pushing her does she still keeps her composure and just gets it done with a beautiful smile on her face. She has overcome so much in the short time she has been a mother and she just keeps her head held high and does the best she can. She is always teaching her son so many things, playing with him and making memories with him. She is such a great mother who doesn't always get the break she deserves. Most people would crack under the pressure and stress, but Amanda holds it together for her son. She is amazing!"

★ Submitted by Sara B.

"My mom is the most amazing and sweet woman! She has had my back through thick and thin. She was helping me plan my wedding and when the wedding did not go through she called all the vendors to get deposits back and called all the family and friends on my behalf. I could not be more grateful for my mom! I was an emotional wreck and she was a solid in my chaotic life. She did not complain or judge, she helped me through with a smile and so much love!! She deserves a special treat and special recognition for helping not just me, but everyone! My mom is so beautiful inside and out!"

★ Submitted by Sheila C.

"This single mother of 5 raised us with grace, kindness and ALWAYS putting us first. She did this with such ease, I never really realized I was from a "broken" home until I was a young adult. Her ability to raise us with such a positive outlook and always making awesome family memories. This "Mom"Shell truly is THE BEST MOTHER in the whole world. Never a negative word about anyone. Love her to be a winner with you like she has been for us our whole lives."

★ Submitted by Chelsea B.

"My sister has is a wonderful to my beautiful niece. I have never seen a more selfless woman. She truly embodies the meaning of a perfect mom. Flaws and all. She deserves to be pampered."

★ Submitted by Darin K.

"My Celeste should win because she's the most amazing woman on earth, she has such a kind heart, works too hard has two jobs to provide for her son, and never has the opportunity to spoil herself with anything since her son comes first."

★ Submitted by Karyn C.

"She is THE BEST mom ever! She lost my Dad at a young age and has gone through a lot trying to be independent. She has taken great care of us our entire lives."

★ Submitted by Lexi S.

"My 'mom' shell, would be my mom Tiffany. She is one of the strongest, caring, loving human being in the entire world. There is not one moment where you have to question if she cares, or loves you. She is my best friend, and is always there for me. She's an incredible woman."

★ Submitted by Michelle S.

"She is beautiful inside and out. Always put her children and family first. Even though she struggled as a single mother she always ensured we knew we were loved. Taught us to have compassion for everyone. Taught me strength and independence. Funny and extremely creative."

★ Submitted by Lindsey B.

"My "Mom"shell nomination is my friend Autumn! She's a preschool teacher, mother, urban farmer, and is pregnant with her second child. If that's not enough to make her a "Mom"shell she also curls her hair and wears real pants daily. Autumn is currently volunteering her time to create a Montessori style daycare program for our children's private school, that's struggling to keep its doors open. If there's anyone deserving of this giveaway it's Autumn! She's a rockstar!"

★ Submitted by Rory K.

"I nominate my little sister Katherine as a "Mom"shell for countless reasons, but the number one reason in the world is because she has become such and amazing, giving, forgiving, selfless...okay I nominate her for every reason. She is raising the sweetest, most intelligent son by surrounding him with uplifting people who also help him grow. She is one of those mom/friends that never seems to give herself the credit she deserves. Sis, I'm here to tell you that you DO deserve credit and that we (your brother, son, family, and friends) LOVE YOU!! Thank you for being you, and everything you do for us.  XOXO - your loving brother Rory."

★ Submitted for Shauni K.

"Shauna K. (my amazing mother) should win because she is one of the strongest and hardest working women I know. She had 11 of us kids and is still an amazing and always there for each one of her children. I love my mom and am continually astonished by her determination and positivity."

★ Submitted by Victoria C.

"Lucy is a 'Mom'shell in the fact that she an awesome a role model. She immigrated to the U.S., forgoing her career goals, to help my father pursue his. 5 years after arriving she was left without a marriage, a career, and a way to stay in this country. Rather than run back to Colombia she enrolled in school full-time to ensure a legal way to remain. Throughout my childhood I watched her be super mom, working full-time to keep a roof over our heads and studying full-time to re-pave her career path, all while always supporting us. We always asked her why she didn't date, and she always replied saying she felt she had such little time with us she wanted to make sure her free time was for us, not her. After 8 years she finished college, making me the proudest daughter on the planet. Growing up my mom had one motto: "Adelante!" (Forward!). Any success I have had in life has been because of the fierce women who raised me, and her message of always moving forward. She is a 'mom'shell because she is fearless in the face of difficult times, and always shows others Adelante!"

★ Submitted by Kamea J.

"I nominate Liz W.! I have been going through some very tough times this past year and Liz stood by my side (like she does for everyone in her life) regardless the I convince it may have put her in. She has her own family....a husband and little boys. I couldn't have made it through without her support. Friends sometimes appear as gifts from God when you are in your deepest dis pare and Liz is his gift to me! Friends fell away but not Liz she is still by my side! Sincerely, her grateful bestee."

★ Submitted by Ashley P.

"I nominate my Mother to win the "Mom"shell , because she is the strongest most beautiful women I know. She was a single parent raising my brother and me, trying her hardest to make a better life for us all. She did this by working very hard to get her bachelor's degree and work a full-time job. Never once did she complain about her struggles, or give up when times were really hard. She showed me that anything is possible even when it's not fun or easy to do. There are lots of times when I've wanted to give up and throw in the towel, but then I just think of what she has done for me and what she had to go through. Then I realize what I'm struggling with doesn't even compare to what she went through. Since she worked so hard for her family, she got to retire early and is now mostly spending her days on the golf course or going on fun road trips in her convertible. She is now working hard on perfecting her golf swing and looking fabulous at the beautiful age of 59!"

★ Submitted by Atticus W.

"My mom should win, because she works 6 days a week, and all the money that she earns goes towards my siblings who are still living at home. She never gets anything for Mother's Day, or her birthday. She's honestly, the best mom I could ever ask for! Thank you.(:"

★ Submitted by Brooklyn J.

"My Momshell has been the perfect example to me of selflessness. After raising 5 children, she went back to college & finished her degree. She worked full time while continuing to be the PTA Soccer Mom Extrodinaire to raise my younger brothers still at home. Now she's caring for her own Momshell who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a year ago. Driving her 1 hour each way to and from appointments multiple times a week. She is always the first to offer to help and I'd love to spoil her on Mother's Day as no one deserves it more!"

★ Submitted by Melissa H.

"My mom is the most loving, caring, hardworking woman  I  know. She has had a rough year: empty nest and then lost her dad and this would be great for us to share and start fresh."

★ Submitted by Paige H.

"I nominate Peggy S. because she is the most amazing mother I know! She has adopted 5 kids and delivered 1 biological child. She works as a pediatric emergency room nurse while she completes her doctorate in nursing and starts a charity to care for other children. There is no mom that works harder to care for children, whether they are hers, patients or orphans around the world."

★ Submitted by Serena S.

"My mom has struggled over the years to raise 4 children alone and is now taking care of her sick mother. She deserves a break!"

★ Submitted by Xandrea G.

"Thank you Mom for always being there for us. Not just physically but emotionally, financially, and spiritual. You always made us feel safe, loved, and always ready for fun. WE can never repay you but we will try every day to make sure you feel as loved as we always did growing up."

★ Submitted by Aviana L.

"Deborah M... my magnificent mother, is honestly the most unconditionally loving person I've ever known in my life. She has raised 7 amazing children, all of whom feel like they are her favorite :-) through a life that has brought her challenges the most thankful I never have to go through. And I won't even say that she shouldered it or survived it because the level of grace that it takes to do what she's done is so beyond those words. She's my best friend and I am honored to have her as my mother. And she certainly deserves to be pampered and loved in return."

★ Submitted by Bethany C.

"She has been through so much! She has a lot of health issues and works hard to take care of all four of us girls and my daddy as well as my nanny and my aunt in nursing home! She was nine months oregannt and buried her daddy at Christmas! She always puts others first."

★ Submitted by Edith V.

"My Mom is a "Mom" shell in every way since she is a hard working, loving fun Mom who has always put her children first. She is dedicated and wise :)"

★ Submitted by Erin P.

"My mom stands by me through everything. She deserves the world.

★ Submitted by Lorena A.

"Cause I love her and she's great, and she have never wear makeup."

★ Submitted by Annalyn V.

"I nominate my mom, Letty R. GOD made a wonderful mother, A mother who never grows old; He made her smile of the sunshine, And He molded her heart of pure gold; In her eyes He placed bright shining stars, In her cheeks, fair roses you see; God made a wonderful mother, And He gave that dear mother to me.  As one of four children, my favorite times with my mother were when I could talk to her one-on-one, heart to heart. My mother would come in to say goodnight and she has always had just one more thing to say; just one more story to tell.  The best moments were she told me her life lessons that changed my point of view about life: "Trees with the deepest roots are those which have bore through the worst of storms."  I remember one day, we were both sitting down in the soothing sun, outside our yard, one sunny afternoon my mother explained to me the importance of going through hardships in life.  She told me that, the trees having the deepest of roots are the ones which have gone through the worst of storms, but those are the ones…" (exceeded the 200 word count limit)

★ Submitted by Dani H.

"Best guide/manager/friend a girl could ever wish for."

★ Submitted by Annamarie B.

"Me! I deserve it!"

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