And Our 'Mom'Shell of 2015 Is...


Mother's Day is almost here...which means it's time to announce our "Mom"Shell $500 Spa and Gift Package recipient!

We are very pleased to announce that this year's highlighted "Mom"Shell is none other than Evelyn Isaacson, submitted by her daughter Sarah Isaacson! The path to "Mom"Shell can sometimes present strenuous challenges and obstacles that can be quite difficult to overcome. Occasionally, you have to start over - which is far from an easy task. We commend Mary for drawing strength from her experiences to take the leap into the unknown and find her true bliss:

“After all of us kids were raised through 27-years of marriage, Mom walked out of her home, leaving everything behind. This housewife had a huge secret: she’d been silently battling domestic abuse for years. All the signs were there, but none of us wanted to see it in Dad. She had been to hell & back, and still had her earrings on. This is what I’ve learned from her courage: there is life after 40, and it can be completely different than the whole life lived before it. Where there was once sadness, there can be joy. You can get your first crush on a guy at 46. You can try new cuisine and travel a little. You can get up and walk out of your skin and slip into something fancy. There is an entire world out there waiting for you. There are second chances. There are do-overs. There is forgiveness. There is support. You just have to close your eyes and leap. Your kids, friends, family, and the strangers you inspire will catch you when you do. It's been nice meeting my mom, we’ve been waiting for you…the REAL you.”

This year was the toughest yet, as every entry was wonderfully written and so thoughtful. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and show some love to a "Mom"Shell in your life, we are blown away by each and every one of these astounding women. 

Below are a few more of our heart felt favorites.  We will be reaching out to you all with a little something special for your Moms!  
Here's to you "Mom"Shells, we wish you a most beautiful Mother's Day!

Submitted by Anya F.

“My mom started her fight against breast cancer last year. She lost all of her hair which was really hard for her. She has struggled with feeling beautiful since her surgery and hair loss. To me she has always been the most beautiful mom! She is such a strong and beautiful woman!

Submitted by Alisha B.

“My entire life I’ve had a one-of-a-kind Mom. She raised me and my older brother as a single parent, while somehow managing to always work full-time (sometimes multiple jobs at once), regularly work overtime, continue her education by going to college, keep a clean house, provide cooked dinners every night, throw us birthday parties every year, spend plenty of time with us, provide us with special experiences, and give us almost everything that we ever wanted. A little over two years ago, she was rear-ended in a car accident, and has struggled so much ever since. She has struggled physically, emotionally, and financially. She is so deserving of this and I would love for her to win it!”

  Submitted by Emily M.

"My mother has always been a selfless and an exemplary woman. She highly values education and service to her community. She is currently the director of Women and Children Services at an Intermountain Hospital, donates her time and money to support March of Dimes, travels to Africa to volunteer as a nurse, and still makes time to cook Sunday dinner for her family. A woman dedicated to her family, community, philanthropy, and education. Her example has guided my life and countless others.”

  Submitted by Anita W.

"Juanita A. is one of the most amazing, talented, strong and beautiful women I know, on the inside and out. She works at Odyssey House of Utah, Addiction Resources. She works with the babies and cares for them while their parents are in therapy. She sees first hand the devastation addiction plays on families, but she also sees the hope. She comes home and loves her family and she loves to build her photography portfolio with her amazing, crazy talent. She carries herself with such grace and beauty, her sweet daughter has an incredible role model, hell, I do. She just amazes me!”

  Submitted by Mason H.

"I am nominating my wife as my "Mom"Shell. Over the last 18 months I have undergone 4 major surgeries, consisting of spinal fusions and an amputation. During this time she has not only held a job, but she has taken care of the house, the yard, our kids and I. She has sacrificed so much of her time and has rarely had any time to pamper herself. This would be such an amazing gift for her and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this giveaway than her."

  Submitted by Sandra L.

“At birth I was a very sick baby. My mom stayed by my side even though my dad left when I was one year old. When I was twenty four I was struck down with the brain disease schizophrenia. My mom got me into treatment. Now that I am thirty three I'm doing great. 85 percent recovered from a disorder that knocks many down for life. I owe it to my mom!”

  Submitted by Melissa T.

My super sweet hard working own mom, Dawn! She is always helping her kids out. My siblings and I are all adults but sometimes adults need help! All of us has needed help at one time or another and she's opened her doors letting us back in to live with her and dad (on a temp basis) like when Ethan and I had newborn twins and an 18 month old, we needed extra help! She taught me that the most important thing in this life is to be a good friend, to help others. She also taught us that if we work hard enough and dream big enough those dreams will come true. She always made me feel like I was her friend and gave her advice to me as such. I can talk to her about anything. She is the perfect MOMSHELL and I wouldn't trade her for anyone!"

  Submitted by Jenna J.

“I wanna nominate my mother in law Diana. She is the best mother in law. She has a great love for her family. She does so much for all of us. She had back surgery last year but still tries to help others even when she's in pain. This will be her first mothers day without her mom which I know is really hard on her. Like many women our moms are our best friends. My mother-in-law is one of my great friends and that is one of the greatest reasons I wanna nominate her and make her feel special!"

  Submitted by Leane K.

"My mom could absolutely use a spa day. She works from sun up to sun down 7 days a week and watches her only grandchild in between. She's lucky to get a day off without getting called back in to work. She is a loving caring person who is right there for someone in need even if she's at work she will figure out a way to rotate her work schedule to be right there. I love my mom and she deserves a break.”

Submitted by Laurie B.

"I would like to nominate Emily P., owner of Sugar House Coffee. She has two elementary school aged children and does a fabulous job running the coffee shop! It is the coolest place in Sugar House, because of all she has done since, Bob, the owner passed away. She learned to market well, manage employees, give hours of community service and donations, all while being a fantastic Mommy."

Submitted by Maeve C.

"My momshell, Paula, is that woman you see in the coffee shop with the most infectious positivity you can't help but think "her life story has GOT to be a good one". What else could you expect from the tiny Irish lady/francophile that never ceases to amaze you with her innocent one liners? My mother is my companion, but so is bound to so many others, as she delightfully loves being."

Submitted by Jason T.

"There really isn't much to tell...other than that Melissa is amazing! She held down the fort through an Iraq deployment, has raised two awesome kids, been a supportive military wife, held a full-time job and managed to get her masters degree all while being loving, supportive and an anchor for our household. She truly exemplifies awesomeness. She is the coach, psychiatrist, driver, confidant and all around go-to in our house...and she still finds time to volunteer." 

Submitted by Wanda J.

"I am a stepmother to two beautiful daughters who were completely grown when I met and married their father. My daughter Elizabeth gave birth to her 1st child, she had a very hard time after the birth of her baby. But the sweetest thing that happened to me was that she came to me and asked that I be her sons Grandmother. She wanted me to be very much a part of his life and hers. That could not have made me happier to be able to share in her experience as a mother as I have never been able to have children. I want to also make sure this little guy knows his other grandmother also.”

Submitted by Michelle P.

"My mom Wendy is an absolute MomShell in her own and very unique way! She retired in June of 2014 as a 1st grade teacher, after 24 years. She is an extremely patient person, as you can imagine working with 6 year olds. She raised my brother and I, many of our friends, plus almost any pet that we wanted to have. Currently, she is living in an RV with my stepdad traveling around visiting family and friends that they have made over the years. Keeping in touch with people is very important to her. Before her adventures in the RV, she was living in a cabin powered by solar power. They hauled water to the cabin, chopped wood for the fireplace, and she snowmobiled down every morning to get to work. Not only did my mother teach me to appreciate what you have, but to take care of everything you already do have. Including nature, our land, and the environment. I would watch her pick up litter off the sidewalk just to recycle it. She also holds a very powerful quality and that is just being "simple." However, this is a woman that thoroughly enjoys and deserves a good pampering. My mother is someone who sees the beauty within everyone and has helped me to have that amazing outlook as well. She has a magnetism about her that draws people to her for life and she is able to always find the good in life."

Submitted by Amy W.

"Brittney G. is an amazing single mother to a four-year-old boy. After finding out she was pregnant, the father disappeared from the picture and still wants nothing to do with his child. That didn't stop Brittney from staying in school and working in order to provide a good future for her little boy. Brittney graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Accounting and is one year into her Masters program. She works over 40 miles away from her home and school and does not have any close family living nearby to help with child care. She sacrifices so much in order to provide a good future for her son. She deserves this more than anyone I know." 

Submitted by RC F.

"Miss Amy is a talented musician who shares her gift by teaching. It's not about just playing the notes on the piano for her kids. It's about the emotion they receive from each lesson. Although, academia is important to her, she takes every child to a symphony, ballet or opera performance, so they will be able to engage an audience one day! Thank you for making someone who is special, feel like a Momshell Special!

Submitted by Jaxson G.

"She's an exceptional mom and she's a single mom. Loving, caring sister and daughter. Her 15 year old son is nominating her. She is so funny and loving and only does stuff for others and rarely does anything for herself but always looks beautiful and always has a great attitude. I got hurt and will be in a back brace for 6 weeks and I want her to be pampered for Mother's Day and won't be able to do my yard care business to earn money for her present. Please help me give my crazy wicked and amazing mom the greatest Mother's Day ever. Thank you! Once you meet her you'll think she's amazing too." 

Submitted by Maloree L.

"My mom is a rockstar! Just celebrated 33 years of marriage with my dad and she looks like she could be my older sister! She deserves this pampering package!”

Submitted by Jessica K.

“My momma is the most giving, caring, amazing and beautiful woman I know. She always puts others before herself. She works 13 hour days and still manages to get stuff done around the house and makes sure my dad and brother have dinner on the table every night. I can't even explain all of her wonderful qualities in 200 words. She deserves to get pampered as she always pampers others. My mom is the definition of "Momshell"

Submitted by Jess L.

"I think my bestie Mindi is a super "Mom"Shell!!!! She got pregnant at a young age and has been rocking being a mom two her two beautiful daughters for six years. She's worked two to three jobs at a time so that her family doesn't have to help support her and her lil fam. Even when times are rough she keeps a smile on and pushes through anything that tries to take her backwards. She is an awesome mom and just a great young woman all together. She puts everyone else first. She never treats herself even if she has the little extra time or money because she feels she would be taking it away from her girls.”

Submitted by Shabnam S.

"My mom is the best friend that anyone can ever have. She has spent most of her life rescuing animals and saving their lives. She has done so much good deeds in her life to improve my life and many others. She deserves to get pampered and be happy. She is the love of my life.”

Submitted by Charly K.

"I met my best friend in college ten years ago next month. Marissa B. is an amazing mom to two young kids (1 and 3) and is also a speaker of Latin, world traveler, and substitute teacher!”

Submitted by Shayli M.

"My momshell is the most fun, bubbly, and energetic woman ever! She always puts everyone before herself and I would love for her to be able to win so she could be pampered like she deserves!"

Submitted by Heather V.

"My mother is amazing. She raised my brother and I by herself and went to college even though my dad killed himself when I was born. I love her, she is the best mom ever and my brother and I turned out well too!”

Submitted by Becca W.

"My sister is my "Mom"Shell. She has been living across the world in Sydney, Australia for the last four years but will be coming here in July! She has two girls who take all of her time and focus and because she lives so far from family and friends she gets ZERO time for herself. She puts everyone's needs before her own and she loves to shop and be pampered but just doesn't have the time. I would love more than anything for her to be able to indulge and relax while she is here, and for us to do it together would be amazing!”

 Submitted by Amy B.

"Miss Amy is a talented musician who shares her gift by teaching. It's not about just playing the notes on the piano for her kids. It's about the emotion they receive from each lesson. Although, academia is important to her, she takes every child to a symphony, ballet or opera performance, so they will be able to engage an audience one day!  Thank you for making someone who is special, feel like a Momshell Special!"

 Submitted by Emily L.

"My 'Mom'shell works a full time job and is supporting her 3 grown up daughters still to this day, including 3 grand children. She loves makeup but because she is taking care of everyone else she gets by with the bare minimum. She does not complain and is just a trooper. My 'Mom'shell deserves the best Mothers day ever."



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