Pretty Spring Makeup in 4 Easy Steps

Amp Up Your Natural Beauty with this Simply Gorgeous Spring Makeup Look

2013 Spring makeup trends are in and we've found quite a few worth mentioning. Our favorites are completely doable on your own using just a handful of products. On the top of our list is the "Less is More" look so prevalent on Spring runways this year. We like to call it the "Downton Abbey" look because it focuses on amplifying the natural beauty of your own skin and eyes.

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6 Easy Steps to Bright Blue Eyeliner

One of our favorite new trends in makeup for 2015 is a bright splash of color to the eyes. We've seen some beautiful examples of this with neon green shadow or bright blue liner. Paired with a minimal face, it makes a beautiful statement and is surprisingly compatible with nearly any skincolor or eyecolor and totally wearable for day or night. Try it for yourself with Got Beauty MUA Shelby in six easy steps.

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Our Very Own Sadie is Ruby Snap's Cookie Pin Up of the Month

RubySnap & Got Beauty Join Forces for 1940's Beauty and One Delicious Cookie

Ruby of RubySnap Cookies has honored our very own Sadie with inclusion in her formidable lineup of gorgeous gals. Each month, one pretty picture is featured on location at RubySnap and at and a cookie is dreamed up by the baking diva herself to match. February's cookie is a delicious Red Velvet Cream Cheese cookie. It is the LAST DAY to enjoy this one so we recommend you go grab it on the way home from work today. It is not to be missed. Worry not if you missed out on this darling because, coming right up in March is our very own Katy and a brand new cookie to boot!

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