Sadie Finds a Balance Between Busy Living and Keeping Clear Skin

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Sunny blonde hair, legs for days, and a quirky wit...Sadie is a girl who's hard to miss. She's been the face of Got Beauty on more than one occasion, and it's likely you've seen her brighten up our billboards and banners on our website. She is currently fighting the fierce battle of balancing college life, her Got Beauty role as social media intern and volunteering at rock concerts to indulge in her love of music. Like any girl in her twenties on the go, Sadie struggles with finding a daily routine that caters to her schedule and super sensitive skin. After much trial and error, she's carefully developed habits that make clear and glowing skin the norm in her busy day-to-day life.

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Jenni Keeps It Real With All Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to interact with Jenni Holmstead, general manager of Got Beauty, you already know that she is our own personal one-woman army, with an array of knowledge that impresses even old time industry experts. Beauty obstacles can't baffle this woman!

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Tammy Takes a Stab At Aging Gracefully

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It’s not everyday you come across someone in the beauty industry who is more innovative, intelligent, and inspiring than Tammy Taylor, founder and owner of Got Beauty. From her childhood among a family of movie makeup artists, to her sheer talent, brains and lovable personality, she is more than equipped to conquer the beauty world (and the real world, if she so desired). She may make it look easy, but like most women, Tammy experiences the daily struggles of combating the aging process. Over the years, she's tweaked and fine-tuned her beauty regimen to make aging a lot more manageable and a little less scary. In this week's 'Real World Beauty' blog, she has offered to share some of her tips with us!


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What's Your Beauty Favorite?


We've told you a little bit about what we can't live without. What do you love? What's your favorite go-to product at Got Beauty? What do you wish we carried? What do you love and can never seem to find? Share your beauty favorites as well as your beauty tips and secrets in the comments below so we can bring you more of what you love! 

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Real World Beauty: 5 Women. Real Advice

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Beauty has as many forms as there are personalities and seasons in a woman's life. This month we are feeling inspired, not so much by what a particular culture or trend labels as beautiful, but by what makes a woman feel beautiful as an individual in the real world. We're starting with our own diverse group of GBG's (Got Beauty Girls) who come to us from a range of ages, life situations and backgrounds. 

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