Are You a Real World Beauty?


Meet Melissa

A real world beauty can come in any shape, size, age or gender. Different from the magazine cover picture of beauty, a real world beauty lives on the planet earth and deals with daily challenges to feeling fabulous. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing real beauty triumphs and troubles as well as exchanging tips & tricks for a happier self. We believe beauty is not about becoming somebody else but about embodying your best self.

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11 Beauty Secrets from the Pros

Wouldn't it be great to wake up in the morning to your own personal beauty expert who could tell you just what to do with that crazy frizz or wayward breakout? Well, here's the next best thing with 7 unexpected beauty secrets from our experts at Got Beauty.


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Karina Masters Work, Play & Faking 8 Hours



Meet Karina Dustin, supergirl, lover of nightlife, and the sweetest and fiercest football fanatic you could ever hope to meet. With her Sofia Loren good looks and her razor sharp wit, she is equal parts comedienne, rebel, and all around rock star. She’s an early-to-rise, late-to-bed type and the master of faking that ‘I got 8 hours look.’ We chatted her up to find out even more awesomeness, like how she keeps herself looking so brilliant despite her 6 am schedule, and which of the products she spends her days receiving for Got Beauty have really caught her eye.

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Jenevieve Tackles Momhood & Early Aging

beauty tips for moms


Graphic designer, artist, recent newlywed, and full-time mom…to put it lightly, Jenevieve, the Creative Director of Got Beauty, is a woman on the go. In each activity she devotes herself to, she carries herself with sheer intellect, dazzling creativity, and an utterly sweet disposition, which makes it impossibly difficult not to love her. To the dismay of many 30-somethings these days, working around the clock can start to take a toll on your skin and emphasize beauty imperfections you may not have noticed in your twenties. That's why Jenevieve makes extra certain to take good care of her skin and take aging advice from the experts (such as Tammy T.!) as she gracefully nears her fourties. 

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