How To Blow Dry Your Hair Like A Pro

Mastering the perfect blow dry is no easy feat, and more often than not the least fun portion of styling your hair. After all, sitting upside down holding a blow dryer can feel quite tedious after 30 minutes, especially when your hair ends up looking like you were just struck by lightning. Our stylists have spent a great deal of time perfecting their technique, and we've 'taste tested' tons of pro styling products to bring you our tried and true tips and tricks for achieving a lasting blow out. If you're not getting the most out of your hair dryer, try one of our stylist-certified techniques to avoid feeling hot and bothered every time you wash your hair.


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Why We're Love Drunk Off Drunk Elephant

When it comes to skincare products, we want it all: a product that's effective, a product that's affordable, and a product that's all around good for you. And why shouldn't we want it all? Is it too much to ask for a skincare brand that meets all of your needs? Tiffany Masterson, the founder of Drunk Elephant skincare, doesn't think so. After working in the beauty industry for years, she decided she wanted to make it her goal to deliver top-of-the-line, affordable products that get the job done, formulated only with ingredients that benefit our skin. We think it's safe to say she succeeded. Within the short month that we've had it on our shelves, it's stolen the hearts of not only our au naturale fanatics, but our skincare afficianados, as well! Take a look at what Drunk Elephant has to say about their products and stop by our store to try a few samples...we have a feeling you'll be love drunk, too!

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13 Tricks To Banish A Blemish

It's the final back to school! For most people, those three little words induce a flurry of excitement for fall fashion and of reuniting with friends. That is, until you wake up one morning, a week before school is supposed to start, with an ill-timed zit the size and shape of Kentucky. You try face washes, creams, masks, everything, but to no avail. Have no fear, breakout victims, we've rounded up tips and methods for banishing a back to school blemish that are sure to have your skin smooth and glowing before the first bell rings!

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Multiple Purse-onalities: Why One Purse Just Isn't Enough

Of all the wild and glamorous addictions a girl can have, a full-blown handbag obsession is by far my favorite. Not all purses are created equal, and there are a myriad of circumstances that necessitate different types of purses. For instance, you may not want to bring a giant tote on a date, but you may find yourself needing one for a day trip to the beach or the grocery store. At this months LA Market, we focused on cultivating a handbag collection of all shapes, sizes, and styles to rival even that of our favorite designers and all the best department stores. Our new selection of sure-bet-bags is certain to please the pickiest of purse junkies and satchel-loving-he-men. May we suggest stocking up on a few of your favorites, and especially our new Fall Fashion trends!
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