We Love U More: Utah Her Campus Chapter Asks Us Our Top 10 Hair Faves

Every girl has her favorite go-to products when it comes to styling hair, but sometimes it’s helpful to do a little taste-tasting to see how you can make styling your do even easier. Last week, we were absolutely thrilled to be approached by the Her Campus: University of UtahChapter to share our Top 10 Hair Care Essentials for sure-bet-good-hair results. Her Campus is an international collegiate blog for women written entirely by the world's top college journalists (on 230 campuses in 7 countries), featuring content ranging from romance all the way to health, beauty and fashion.

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Chicks Who Rock: Vickie Walker of Circle the Wagons


Recently, our owner Tammy T. got together with her friend and longtime Got Beauty client, Vickie Walker, to take a few snapshots for her article in Good Housekeeping Magazine. GHM is featuring Vickie and her charity organization Circle the Wagons, which is dedicated to helping innocent victims of violent crimes.

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How To Sport Bright Colors This Spring

 The results are back: bright colors are IN this Spring. Worried you can’t pull off Barbie pink hair or bright orange nails? Nonsense! There's no reason to feel intimidated by daring colors this fall! If you're a little uneasy about taking the plunge into brights, try one of these easy ways to incorporate some color into your accessories. Before you know it, you'll be sporting shades from every side of the dazzling color spectrum! 

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How To Apply False Lashes (AND Make Them Look Natural)


False eyelashes have come a long way since the 70’s when women wore huge and intentionally false looking lashes as part of a daily makeup routine (a look I openly admit to absolutely loving). These days we wear them to enhance or open up our eyes, as well as to achieve those over-the-top lash looks we love. You definitely don’t need to be an actress, model, a professional makeup artist or from the 70's to have fun with falsies. Here's how to apply false lashes so they look as natural as possible.

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