The New Mom's Guide to Radiating Your Natural Beauty

In the whirlwind of mommyhood, things tend to get, well...a little hectic. After all, most (if not all) of your free time is going towards a miniature person who is completely dependent on Y-O-U. This can be overwhelming to some who are trying to maintain some semblance of their much-wanted beauty routine.  That's why we asked "Mom"shell, bloggess and Got Beauty Girl alum Lindsay to share a few of her tips from her first few years in the whirlwind on how she radiates her own natural beauty. We're a little bit totally in awe of her ability to balance both worlds, and with such grace, positivity and kindness.

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17 Things To Know When Dyeing Your Hair


Going lighter seems to be all the rage these days, whether you're going for a classic blonde, colorful ombre, or diving headfirst into wildly trendy granny hair. While a bright hair change may sound like the perfect way to switch up your routine, it can cause catastrophic damage to your strands...IF done incorrectly. There are several things you can do to prep for an intense bleach, and we suggest doing all of them to maintain the integrity of your hair while achieving the perfect lift. 

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25 Reasons Why Being 50+ Is Fabulous

"Fifty: The Ultimate F Word. Why are they targeting me? How do they know I’m 50? Ads, articles, and blogs popping up all over the place telling me what NOT to wear at "my age". They certainly don’t hold back from letting me know in no uncertain terms what will look absolutely terrible on me: graphic T’s, cleavage, trendy denim, “too-young” hair, not to mention ALL of my favorite make up tricks.

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