The Lazy Girl's Guide To Barely There Makeup

'Barely there' makeup is all the rage these days, and we have to say, we're quite taken with the soft natural look. However, one does not simply achieve 'no makeup' makeup without the proper tools and technique. Lazy girls, we've got your back - all you need are a few essential items for your lazy girl kit and your mornings will be easy breezy from here on out.
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Our Top 15 Favorite Dad Jokes Of All Time

Dad jokes are serious business. Okay, well, not really, but they're no easy feat, and can generally only be executed by well-practiced Dads and Dad figures alike.

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So Your Hair Is Fried...Here's How To Fix It

In the midst of multi-colored hair fads and long days in the sun, it seems more and more people are becoming susceptible to greater hair damage, and are unsure of how to treat it. Have no fear, bright-headed beauties - fried hair is not forever. With a few helpful tools, the right care and a little bit of patience, you'll get your soft strands back in no time.
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Why You Should Sanitize Your Eyeliner Pencils (And How To Do It)

We've all heard the cautionary tales urging us to sanitize our makeup tools, and for good reason - our bodies are super sensitive. The last thing we need are health issues as a result of using unclean implements. Here's what you may not have heard - eyeliner pencils are no exception, and are often overlooked, and never cleaned at all. Using and sharing unsanitized makeup pencils, especially in such close proximity to your eyes, puts you at risk for infection, viruses, and even break outs!  We're going to assume nobody is jonesing for pink eye, and throw a few tips your way to keep pencils in top form and totally safe to use near your eyes.

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