5 Weird Places You're Breaking Out (And How To Fix It)

Anyone who's gotten a zit somewhere other than their face has pretty much the same reaction: WTF. As if regular acne isn’t undesirable enough, do we really have to deal with blemishes on our chest, neck and hairline, too? The good news is, if you’re breaking out in an unusual place, there are a few easy ways to recognize what’s causing it and nip it in the bud ASAP. “Back”ne, we turn our backs on you.

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12 Healthy Habits of People With Flawless Skin

Life would be fantastic if we didn't have to perform any upkeep on our skin. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy and happy glow rarely comes without a little bit of effort. The good news is that if you're diligent about incorporating small habits into your daily routine, looking fabulous will become like clockwork and appear almost effortless. While everyone's skin is different, adopting these healthy habits are sure to get you closer to your best version possible you.

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6 Simple Rules for Air Drying Your Hair

If you're anything like us, you like to be in total control of your do - which often involves blow drying and styling with heat appliances. Unfortunately, applying heat to your hair on a regular basis is proving to be taking its toll on your strands when done incorrectly, and the pros are suggesting going au naturale. Feeling stressed about air drying your hair? You shouldn't be! There are a number of tricks and products that will have you looking fresh without any extra work, and may even have you contemplating a breakup with your hair dryer.

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The Two Minute Fresh Face Makeover

You already know that barely-there makeup is all the rage this year. You already know that there's a fine line between looking made up and looking like you woke up on the right side of the bed. But are you familiar with how to get the barely there look? Have no fear, beauties - this barely there makeup vid paired with the NEW Fresh Face Beauty Box from POPS Cosmetics will cut your work and worry in half. Cute and classy, soft and subtle, pretty and perfect. Done, done and done.

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The Best Blush For YOUR Skintone - And How To Use It

A sweep of blush to your cheek is one of the fastest ways to make yourself look fresher and more alive; like a dab of lip gloss, it can instantly bring you from a tired appearance to a healthy glow. However, choosing the right cheek shade and picking the perfect texure can be trickier than it seems. Whether you go for a hint of peach, a dash of plum, or a pop of fresh neon pink, here are a few tips and tricks to help you pick the best blush for you, AND how to use it.

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