9 Tricks To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Nothing throws off a morning quite like waking up with a case of the puffs - and by that, we mean puffy eyes. Not only can it make you look fatigued or sick, but it can make applying makeup a serious pain in the booty. Thank goodness for this bundle of quick fixes and long term solutions to keep your peepers looking fresh and perky. We'll give you a hint: you'll be needing spoons.    

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The Inside Scoop on Bumble's NEW Full Potential Line

It’s about time a new product comes out that allows your hair to reach its full potential (sorry, we had to). Seriously, thank goodness for Bumble and bumble’s brand spanking new Full Potential line. Word on the street is that not only do these little blue beauties invigorate and nurture your scalp to promote hair growth, but they reduce hair loss due to breakage by up to 46%. We were curious to see if the rumors were true, and tested out a few samples for ourselves. See what a few of us had to say about Bumble’s new kid on the block:

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13 Uses For Dry Shampoo You Didn't Know Existed

We are already in love with dry shampoo, and why wouldn't we be? The less we have to wash and style our hair, the better. What many people don't know is that its uses go above and beyond what's expected, some of them not even including hair styles. If you already know which dry shampoo is right for you, here are 13 ways to make the most of it. And to think, we were convinced we couldn't love it any more.

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