4 Lipstick Shades To Try This Fall (Hint: The 90s Are Back)

No, you're not experiencing fashion deja vu - the 90s are back in style this autumn, and in full force. It's all coming back to us: from overalls, to choker necklaces, to denim jackets, the gang's all here. One comeback we're super excited about is the return of 90's berry lipstick shades, and we're already seeing it everywhere. If you're feeling "berry" brave, we've got a slew of shades that are going to compliment every skin type. Move over, Winona.

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Here's Why You Need Face Oil - Even If You Have Oily Skin

The words “face oil” can have a very negative connotation for a lot of people, and we understand why – if you’re prone to breakouts, the last thing you want is more oil. Contrary to popular belief, face oil is hugely beneficial when applied correctly and in the right quantity. Not only does it provide hydration, but it also infuses the skin with the vitamins and nutrients it craves to stay healthy (Vitamins A, C & E, to be exact). Top that off with reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and creating a more even skintone, and you’ve got yourself a killer essential skincare product.

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How To Get Ready In 10 Minutes (Or Less)

We've all experienced that fluke late morning. The clock is ticking, you've hit snooze about 13 times, and you've got 10 minutes until you have to leave. Showering is totally out of the question, and so is that early morning cup of coffee that gives you your much needed energy boost. With so little time, how is one supposed to fully get ready for an 8+ hour day? Have no fear, busy bodies - it can be done. Switch out the normal routine with these 3 steps, and we guarantee you'll be out the door in 10 (we'd even go with 5).

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3 Steps To a Flawless Fake Bake Tan

Some would say that one of the worst parts of summer being over is the lack of sunshine to give you the tan you really crave. As far as we're concerned, flawless glows are here to stay, with or without the sun. Yes, we'ret talking about the fabulous Fake Bake line, which is engineered to give you an instant tan without the risk of sun damage or tanlines. If you're new to self-tanning and you're not quite sure how to get your foot in the door, have no fear! We've got an easy peasy step by step guide to leave you like the streak-free and flawless bronze goddess you know you deserve to be.

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