3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Looks (In 15 Minutes Or Less)

Sometimes, one just doesn't have enough time to throw together a costume like one you might see at Comic Con.  We're busy people with busy lives, after all. Luckily there are plenty of costume ideas that are subtle enough to wear to work/school, and easy enough to pull off with items you probably already have at home. These three looks were achieved with five makeup items or less, and took literally 15 minutes to pull off. No time for Halloween? We don't think so.

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How To Make The Whites Of Your Eyes Even Whiter

Regardless of how the rest of your face looks, yellow or red eyes can seriously dampen your appearance (not to mention be an indicator of some more serious health problems). Assuming you've ruled out all the aforementioned, there are quite a few small contributors that could be reducing your bright-eyed glow. Check out the following tips and tricks to really make your peepers pop.

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How I Cured My Acne (For Reals!)

I'm not a huge fan of talking about the fact that I get acne. Most of us who experience it prefer to just ignore its very existence with hopes it may go unnoticed, or that it might disappear. Some of us only get a pimple once every blue moon (and at the worst times, no less), others are experiencing new breakouts every day. I tend to be in the latter group...

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6 Steps To Get Your Hair From Fine To FULL

VavaVOOM! We all want hair that's a little full of itself (in terms of volume, of course!). If you're a fine-haired beauty occasionally struggling with getting a little extra oomph in your 'do, you're not alone. Going from fine to full ain't no thang - all it takes is a few key hair products, these easy peasy steps and a little patience. We've said it before and we'll say it again: go big or go home!

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5 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing Glasses

Let's be honest: glasses have been in style for a while now (and we're hoping it stays that way). In fact, they're so popular, they've brought about a big question that many four-eyed beauties aren't quite sure how to answer - what ARE the dos and don'ts of wearing makeup with glasses? The key is to avoid dark circles and to make your eyes really pop, something that can be easily accomplished by sticking to the following cardinal rules.

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