15 New Years Beauty Resolutions You Should Actually Keep

Another year, another round of New Years Resolutions that so often get shelved by mid-February. Let's not have a repeat of last year - let's set some realistic, doable but most of all, important, resolutions that are going to make the biggest difference in your beauty routine. They say it takes 3 months to build a habit, but we're willing to bet these easy beauty resolutions will be implemented after a week (no slacking on these, lovelies).

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21 Last Minute Gifts You Can Buy Right This Second

It's the final countdown! With mere hours remaining, it's time to get your butt in gear to finish holiday shopping in time for the big day. Stressing won't do you any favors, and besides - this last minute gift guide is going to be your saving grace. At least ONE of these gifts is guaranteed to put a smile on your recipient's face...now imagine if you got them three.

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The It Girl Gift Guide

Breaking down the science of shopping for your It Girl can seem as difficult as deciphering the laws of astrophysics. With the holidays around the corner, it's possible you may have even crossed over into panic mode. STOP RIGHT THERE! Let us break it down for you: there are a few go-to gifts that your girl is guaranteed to love. Not sure what those are? We are!

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The Game Changing BB Cream For Acne Prone Skin

This week on Talk Beauty, Got Beauty Brand Ambassador and SLC Sweetheart Deena Marie shares her experience on her battle with acne - and how she's currently nipping it in the bud.

My journey to clear skin has been long and complicated. I never broke out as a teenager - so imagine my surprise when my skin started to freak out in my early twenties.

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The 2015 White Elephant Gift Guide


The underlying theme of White Elephant parties? Pure chaos. Anything could happen, and you never know what's going to end up in your lap. Shopping for a gift to bring to a White Elephant Party can even more chaotic (not to mention tricky and intimidating to the newbie). Our suggestion? Don't take it seriously at all costs; the more random and hilarious the gift, the more pleased your party people will be. Behold - the goofiest gift guide imaginable.

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