How To Recover From A Bad Cry

We have no doubts you're 100% justified in your bad cry - EVERYONE needs to let it out once in a while (obviously Kim K. agrees, have you seen her "ugly cry" compilation video?). Believe it or not, crying has a ton of health benefits that will literally bring you closer to a sense of calm almost immediately. The downside of this natural sedation? The messy aftermath. Runny mascara, puffy eyes, all the physical indicators that a few moments ago, you were definitely not okay. When trying to maintain composure, say, at work, this can become something of an issue. Consider this our response to your SOS - an easy rescue guide that will spare you the "I've got allergies" spiel.

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11 Things You DEFINITELY Need To Know For Your Wedding Hair and Makeup

There is a decent chance that if you're reading this, you'll be walking down the aisle soon. You're probably beginning to realize that planning a wedding requires more preparation than any beast you've ever faced. Have you checked off booking a hair and makeup artist for your wedding day yet? No? Buckle up and read on - you're definitely going to need to know the following when solidifying a stylist (trust us on this one).

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5 Easy Fixes For Self-Tanning Mistakes

Remember that awful time you accidentally over-applied self-tanner and ended up resembling a Jersey Shore native? Don't worry, we've all been there. Thankfully, with the help of modern technology and years of trial and error, solutions are now available to get you out of your orange rut and into bronze goddess territory. Guaranteed we'll have you playing in the sun evenly toned in five minutes (or less).

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13 Life Coach Certified Happiness Hacks

This week on Talk Beauty, we highlight local SLC life coach extraordinaire and founder of The Lies I Tell Myself Project, Victoria Wynn, to find out how she discovered her most honest and real version of beauty - and how it turned her world upside down in the best way possible.

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