The 15 Minute Step-By-Step Post-Workout Beauty Guide

For those who find the time and energy to make it to the gym each morning, we salute you. We’re also going to safely assume that in doing so, you’ve worked up a decent sweat, and have encountered the woes that accompany getting ready at the gym right before going to work. It’s hard enough for some to fit going to the gym into a busy schedule, who wants to take another hour trying to get ready in the locker room? Get your super cute gym bags ready, beauties - this step-by-step post-gym beauty guide will take you from workout to work in 15 minutes or less, no sweat.

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Why We Love Co-Washing With R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner

By now, you’ve surely heard us raving about the rule-bending haircare line, R+Co. It’s the brand everyone can get behind – hairstylists, curly haired babes, animal lovers, natural product seekers, everyone. When celebrity hairstylists Howard McLaren, Garren and Thom Priano collaborated to bring this innovative line into existence, they’d had enough experience and knowledge in their corner to really nip typical hair woes in the bud. A few products in particular really set the stage for stellar hairstyling, and today, we’re going to focus on our current favorite: the R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam. In our humble opinion, it's the best co-wash out there - here's why we think so.

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