How To Find The Right Red Lipstick For YOUR Skin Tone

Closely behind back to school season brings autumn fashion, and this year is rich with reds of all shades. The biggest concern for many is the uncertainty that accompanies picking exactly which shade is right for you. Tangerine, cherry, brick, crimson - it's not as simple as many might think. If you're not in the mood to go wild with new colors, feel free to follow this guide to pick the red lipstick for YOUR skin tone. What do you say, beauties? Let's paint the town red!

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4 Lazy Girl Back To School Hairstyles (So You Can Hit Snooze)

In this blogger's humble opinion, snooze is always an option. This rings particularly true when school starts up again. The last thing we need to worry about is what to do with our hair on top of everything else. The good news is that the cornerstones of lazy girl hair never really went out of style, and will continue to make their way into our day to day routine (no shame here). On your first day, try one of these lazy girl back to school hairstyles to minimize prep time as much as posisble.

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10 Turmeric Benefits For Skin We Bet You Didn't Know About

Some call it TOO-MUR-IC, others prefer TUR-MUR-IC. Tomato, tuhmato. Regardless of pronounciation, none can deny the astounding benefits of a dash of this potently powerful spice. There are a number of ways to give your skin a pick me up with this natural anti-inflammatory, and we bet you've only heard of half of them. Whether you're absorbing your daily dose through your organic skincare or downing juice shots of 100% turmeric root extract (we prefer ours from Vive Juicery), it's time you knew about the infinite list of turmeric benefits for skin (AND how to incorporate it into your daily life).

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Introducing "I Am Beauty": A Campaign Celebrating Individual Beauty

We are looking for faces for our 'I Am Beauty" campaign! 
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