How To Avoid Brassy Highlights (With Fewer Visits To The Salon)

There aren’t many things in this world more awe-inducing and stunning than a carefully woven set of balayage highlights. That’s why when they’re finally on your head, you want to take care of them like the precious babies that they are. We can imagine your dismay when brassiness befalls your pride and joy, leaving you frustrated and resentful towards your stylist, yourself, maybe even the world. You’re probably thinking you’ll have to get your hair done all over again (for real?). The good news is that if you want to fix brassy highlights, you may be able to avoid a trip to the salon altogether – here’s how.

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10 Salon Etiquette Tips For The Next Time You Get Your Hair Done

A trip to the salon is hardly an experience that one should treat casually or without much forethought - because really, if you’re in a salon, the odds are probably pretty high that you care about your hair. The good news is that stylists care just as much (if not more) about getting you the 'do you really want. Unfortunately, certain circumstances or habits can infringe on a stylist’s ability to produce their best work - and a few of these are occasionally unconsciously made by people who simply don’t know hair salon etiquette. And guess what? That's okay, because we’re telling you about proper salon etiquette now. Next time, we're certain there will be absolutely nothing standing between you and the hair of your dreams.

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Picking The Best Travel Hair Dryer For Any Getaway

Beauty on the fly is an entire art form that often takes years to perfect. If we had to pick the top concern for those looking to stay glam on a trip, we’d say it’s most definitely the dreaded but necessary conundrum: to bring a hair dryer or to leave it at home. There are a number of different factors coming into play that will determine the compatibility of your hair dryer with your selected vacation - do you know which questions to ask to get the most of out of your trip? If not, it might be a good idea to take a peek at the following variables to facilitate picking the best travel hair dryer for any getaway.

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