How To Get Rid Of A Hangover Super Fast (And Look Fabulous To Boot)

We all know it's coming: the dreaded New Year's Eve hangover that seeps well into New Year's Day. Its effects are strong, potent, and more often than not giantly inconvenient - after all, some of us have family parties to go to the following day. Even if you're not bound to be the victim of one too many glasses of champagne, odds are if you're reading this, you're interested in bypassing all the negative side effects. Here's how to get rid of a hangover super fast...AND prevent one from happening in the first place.

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Last Minute Girl Gift Ideas (For When You're SO Over Shopping)

If you're already finished with your holiday shopping, you magical early bird, our hats are off to you - we wish we could emulate your ways. For the rest of us who can't seem to wrap our heads around even stepping foot into a department store, we know - the anxiety is real. When it comes to shopping for a special lady in your life (girlfriend, BFF, you name it), that anxiety is tripled, because the very last thing you want to do is disappoint your best girl. To make crossing off your list as quick and painless as possible, here are a few last minute girl gift ideas for when you're maxed out on your girly shopping energy.

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The Absolute Best White Elephant Gift Guide (For Any Crowd)

Brace yourselves, beauties - holiday parties are coming. This means that more than likely, a White Elephant fiesta is in your future. For the experienced gift giver, this isn't quite the formidable venture. As for the first timers, may be filled with a slight amount of panic at the thought of buying a white elephant gift that could possibly be appealing to everybody. Leave it to the pros to make a few recommendations with our white elephant gift guide so you're not scrambling from store to store an hour before the party.

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