So What IS The Best Moisturizer In Anti-Aging Skincare?

For those living in dry climates, finding a solid moisturizer is pretty much the staple of every skincare routine. So how does one simultaneously fight the age old battle of fine lines and wrinkles while keeping skin from drying out? After all, don't most anti-aging products contain retinols and other agents that can exacerbate dry skin? The answer is: not necessarily! Here are a few options for an esthetician-picked, hands down best moisturizer for dry aging skin (so you can fight two battles at once).

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We Tried The Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant...Here's What We Thought

Have you heard? Dermalogica has just come out with a super-vamped version of the Daily Microfoliant...yes, we're talking about its older, wiser, and grittier sister, the Daily Superfoliant. Beauty bloggers and skincare aficianados everywhere are already raving about this incredibly powerful exfoliant, and with good reason - it gets the job done. We've asked a few of our beauty pros to give it a try, and we're ready to dish the dirty (or should we say clean) details.

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Want ALL Your Beauty Questions Answered? Meet The Got Beauty Pros

Let's face it - no human on earth is exempt from obstacles and woes in their beauty routine. It's easy to assume one might have it easier than another, but in reality, a different body just means a different way of having to do things. For some, it might be a constant struggle to manage their wild curls. For others, it may be learning how to protect their overly sensitive skin. In a world with as many unique worries as there are, seeking help for your own can be incredibly daunting. Luckily for you, there happen to be an extraordinary group of ladies with the answers you've been looking for - the Got Beauty Pros!

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