How To Feel Sexy As a Busy Mom

There's nothing quite as beautiful as a woman who feels beautiful in her own skin - and nobody knows this more than the astounding Rhiannon Lawrence, resident life coach and proponent of self love. Rhi is no stranger to feeling discomfort in her own skin and trying to navigate the waters of obligation to family life while finding time for herself. If we may say so, she's totally rocking it and is setting a stellar example for women everywhere. We asked if she'd share a few of her experiences and secrets on how to feel sexy as a busy mom, so we can share with you how to find your own inner bliss.

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Not Sure What To Do For Frizzy Hair? Here Are Our Top Recommendations

For some of us, the struggle with frizz is all too real. At times, it feels like there isn't enough moisture in the world to calm those strands down. Luckily for us, there have been hair scientists working away in their labs for the past century creating new and innovative products to solve all of our hair woes - included the dreaded frizz. If you're not sure what to do for frizzy hair, take a peek at our top recommendations so you feel sleek, smooth and ready to rock.

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What Is The ACTUAL Correct Order To Apply Makeup?

There are many areas of life where "less is more"...and generally speaking, makeup isn't one of them. Every little facet of our routine requires a special technique to help achieve that flawless look we all seek. What does this add up to? A very full bag of makeup products with no indication of which order to use them in.

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