Here's The Best Eye Shadow For Brown Eyes (Of Every Shade)

Over half of the world’s population is sporting brown eyes…and we consider these to be the lucky ones. The reason, you ask? The plain jane truth of it is that brown eyes simply have some of the most fun and versatile options when it comes to selecting which eye shadow to use - they seem to look good with everything. There are a few select colors, however, that seem to make brown eyes really pop - and we’re guessing you want to know what those are. Because one should always consider adding more color to one’s life, here is our selection of very best eye shadow for brown eyes.

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This Anti-Aging Oil Changed Our Skin and Lives Forever

For those of us touched by its glory, we can categorize our life into two separate parts: life before and life with the Eminence Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil. Seriously, it's that revolutionary. Long have we been on the path for the perfect product to provide aging prevention, hydration and that goddess glow within - only to encounter obstacle after obstacle as our skin takes the hit. Ain't nobody got time for that. The day we slathered this soothing treatment on our face was the day we regained faith in our natural beauty and left everything else behind scattered to the wind. In short, this anti-aging oil changed our lives and our skin for's why.

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7 Questions You Should ALWAYS Ask Your Hair Stylist

We all want to believe that stylists instinctively know what we want our hair to look like - that they tap into their mystical psychic powers to read our minds and give us perfect unicorn hair. Unfortunately, ESP is not something they teach in hair school yet, and it’s absolutely imperative that you resort to good ole communication if you have specific ideas of how you want your ‘do to look. While certain phrases like “I want a blonde to brown ombre” might sound straightforward, there are actually several followup questions that come into play: for instance, do you want blonde on top or brown on top? Do you want to bleach your hair to add more blonde? What shade of brown do you want? The next time you visit your go-to girl (or guy) at the salon, we suggest being prepared so you’re provided with the best possible service of exactly what you’re looking for. Not sure what to ask for? Here are 7 questions you should ALWAYS ask your hair stylist.

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