Why You Need Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair


Got bottle. Gonna use it? The road to Blondedom is hardly the walk in the park such clever quips as “Blondes have more fun” might have you believe. Indeed, it is fraught with upkeep, a little pain, and time, time, time. Did we mention it takes time? Happy news, though: When your flaxen flair has been achieved, there’s a step you can take in the comfort of your own home to impart nutrients and extend the life of your new hue, and it’s as easy as lather-rinse-repeat. There’s no sidestepping around it if you have brassy hair: purple shampoo for blonde hair is a must-have. 

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How To Take Care Of Your Lips

Our lips are a hard-working duo determined to facilitate, personalize and embellish your all time favorite activities. Most of all, they represent expression in such an integral way that we simply would not be who we are without their subtlety; whether it be that slight curvature of a smile when we see a clever meme, that quivering lower lip when you’re about to burst into tears, that pout when your friends want to go to that restaurant they KNOW you hate. We don’t give enough credit to these beauties, and often even forget to take care of them in the way we should. To preserve that kick ass smile for years to come, here are a few ways on how to take care of your lips - so that they stay smooth and sultry as ever.

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