10 Delicious Gifts For Foodies (That Make You Go 'Yum')

No matter how you celebrate or how you slice it, there is one constant during the holiday season, and that is food. So much of our revelry and fellowship hinges on sumptuous spreads, home-cooked feasts and decadent bakes. Holiday meals are a culmination of our various cultural traditions and are made with the intent to share. To bestow proper thanks to your host or hostess this holiday season, consider one of these delicious gifts for foodies of all kinds.

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We're Not 'Kitten'...Here Are The 9 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

If dogs are man's best friend, you might say that makes cats humankind's capricious roommate. Even with tens of thousands of years of domestication under their furry belts, felines and their fancies remain in large part mysterious, as do humans in the cat-loving camp. Statistically speaking, cat people tend to be intelligent, witty, and a little complex, so we've put together a breakdown of our nine best gifts for cat lovers to make your holiday load a little lighter.

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Nine Tips for a Stress-Free Elopement

Congratulations! Having resolved to kick tradition to the curb, you're about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. No longer the scandalous rebellion it once was, eloping is gaining newfound appreciation in the annals of matrimony for being not only economically more practical than a conventional wedding, but super romantic, too. Couples who are considering absconding can find some of their worries leavened with these nine tips for a stress-free elopement.

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Top 11 Quirky Gifts for Introverts

We live in a complex time when tools like social media both connect and isolate us in equal measure, and in which so much of our societal behavior directly conflicts the quiet solitude in which the non-extroverted among us take refuge. But our collective understanding of the Quiet Revolution, as Forbes calls it, is changing at a rapid clip to accommodate the uprising of introverted voices, asking only to be understood and allowed. Statistically speaking, either you are one or you know one, and with the holiday season fast approaching, we saw the importance of compiling our best breakdown of the top 11 quirky gifts for introverts to guide you in telling your favorite loner, "Hey. I get it."
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10 Holiday Hostess Gifts That Girly Girls Will Love

We’ve just had a vision of your future - it involves mistletoe, ugly sweaters, intoxicated relatives and a potentially excessive amount of pie. Sound familiar? When it comes to the holidays, we all pretty much know what to expect from our annual hooplas. The party-goer golden rule is to always provide a small token of appreciation to the person who brings us together. Here are a few of our favorite holiday hostess gifts certain to ensure unbridled enthusiasm and complete favoritism from the one with the mostest!

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