Beyond Beauty: 6 Survival Essentials Every Galentine Needs In Her Bag

Happy Galentine's Day, beauties! It's finally arrived: that internationally celebrated day of love and suspect chocolates. We talk a lot around this time of year about treating yourself and your besties to custom-curated beauty must-haves, and today is no exception, but we're serving it to you straight up with a twist. There's a way to feel the kind of beautiful you can't necessarily see in the mirror—the kind of beautiful that arises from feeling empowered, prepared, and like you've got a one-up on what's around the bend. If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "Where's a ___ when you need one?" or "I'd kill for a ___ right about now," consider our top 6 survival essentials every Galentine needs in her bag for rainy days and what-ifs.

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Feel the Love With These 8 Great Galentine Gift Ideas

It's that time of year again, gals. No, we're not talking about tax season! Valentine's Day is fast upon us, and rather than waiting for a shot to the heart by some too-late, cherubic archer, why not take bow and arrow into your own hands by treating your gal pals to an amorous return with zero deductions? Feel the love with these 8 great Galentine gift ideas that are sure to get you a seat at the table as both girlfie and gifter du jour.

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