Hacks For Thicker Brows (So You Can Be Your Fiercest Self)


There's not much else that makes us feel instantly more bold than a fierce set of brows. Not only does it up your eye game, but it can be a whole fashion statement unto itself. On those occasions when we've perhaps over-plucked, or for those of us who are less endowed in the brow department, a decent kit could be a game changer in your daily routine. That being said, here are our top hacks for thicker brows so you can get a little confidence boost in your day (and be your fiercest self).
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How To Use A Round Brush When Blow Drying Your Hair


Confession time: I’ve gotten my hair in a tangled mess with a round brush more often than I’ve been able to actually use it properly. The good news for me is that I’m not the first to encounter this problem…the bad news is that I’m not the first to encounter this problem. There’s a method to the madness that doesn’t involve cutting a round brush out of your hair, and it is actually a pretty great one that leads to full, voluminous hair. Straight from the experts, here’s how to use a round brush when blow drying you’re hair - the RIGHT way. 

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7 Tips For Hiding Red Eyes and Noses During Allergy Season

As the sunshine revives the world from the dreariness of winter, so does it bring the inevitable onslaught of allergy season. Not only is it practically indiscernible from the common cold - it gives you a perpetual appearance of having just finished a good bawl. For those of us trying to enjoy the friendlier weather, this is a major downer, especially when trying to look our best. When Claritin and Benadryl aren’t doing the trick, the best thing to do is fake it until you make it; that being said, here are the best tips for hiding red eyes and nose during allergy season.

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Tell Your Boyfriend: Here Are The Best Men's Curly Hair Styling Products


It’s the dilemma that every guy with curly hair faces each time he plops himself in a barber’s chair: Do I embrace a proud, curly-cue ‘do, or do I simply go low-maintenance and buzz it off? Now, we’ve got nothing wrong with the latter, but if you’re looking for a more adventurous and undeniably stylish way to style your hair, we’ve got your back. Here are the best men's curly hair styling products so your boyfriend can feel frizz-free and fine. 

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